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January 19th, 2009
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Carnival of Video Game Bloggers, January 2009

2008 came and went in a blur, but now 2009’s here there’s no better way to welcome it in from the winter cold than to get into the warmth of the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers cabin!

Clutching a Nintendogs by Nintendo DS hot water bottle in the corner is Robin from Kids Toy Reviews, who told me "I have reviewed this product with young kids in mind. I think that video games can be for many different age ranges!"

From Gaming for Glory, Judd‘s Game Review: Mirror’s Edge is heating us all up by reminding us of sunny blue skies and warm yellow suns.

With Why the Wii has Won and Wii Success Marks the Downfall of the Hardcore Gamer over at Console Me.., karmstrong is conjuring up images of families waggling in front of their goggle boxes. Nothing makes me sweat more than the idea of exercise. 

IMG_1224Tony Huynh is huddled in a corner somewhere, surrounding himself with plush throws and luxurious cushions. He’s keeping his mind off the cold by embroidering each with a message, then passing it around to his fellow bloggers. Let’s have a look at some.

One a huge throw, that’s almost entirely brown and grey, he’s sewn Gears of War 2 Through the Eyes of a Game Designer at, with the message "Gears of War 2 continues the story of Gears of War. The Locust horde has been sinking entire cities and steadily pushing humanity back. The game begins with humanity clinging to their last stronghold of Jacinto and the Gears setting out on a counter-offensive to prevent their last bastion from being undermined. In the following sections I will outline the aspects, levels and events in the game that left a more lasting impression on me."

He’s just given karmstrong a soft pillow, embroidered with 2 Months: Star Wars Vs. Star Trek, Super Mario Level Mod and Flash Game Sonny and "Videos of Star Wars Versus Star Trek Video and Most Difficult Super Mario Level Mod Ever Part 1. Flash games Sonny and The Worst Flash Game Ever."

Tony has just finished a huge quilt, on which he’s hand-stitched What Video Games Taught Me About Life at, with "I do not go a week without the media putting out a report or hearing somebody say that video games are a waste of time and that there is very little value in spending time playing them. I can personally say that video games have been hugely beneficial to both my social and professional life. I have learned first-hand many of life’s lessons from video games and I constantly draw upon my experience as a gamer to be successful in any goal or challenge that I face. Here are some of the life lessons that I have learned from playing video games" underneath.

IMG_0041On the quilt’s underside he’s embroidered Crayon Physics  Indie Game Released Today and 9 Theatrical Movie and Short Film and "I wanted to let you guys know that a great indie game came out today called Crayon Physics. Crayon Physics was created by one-man developer Petri Purho of Kloonigames. On another note I was talking with a co-worker and we started to discuss what books or movies would make a great game. He told me about Shane Acker’s 9."

Tony is just about to put the finishing touches to a chunky scarf, with a long message winding along its woolly fronds. In thick letters it reads Top 5 Greatest Moments in Competitive Gaming (eSports), followed by "Here are the top 5 greatest moments in tournament video gaming. To qualify these moments had to occur in a tournament witnessed by others and of course it had to be recorded." It is a very long scarf.

Tending lovingly to a big dixie of soup is old-wizard, throwing all kinds of ingredients liberally into the mix. With a handful of Top 10 Games on the Wii, a pinch of Top 10 Most Underrated Video Games and a teaspoon of his secret ingredient, Ten Steps to Making a Successful FPS, all from the world’s best Soup Ingredient Megastore,

Trench is staring longingly out of the window into the wintry abyss, no doubt wondering if he’ll ever be able to get back to 7milesdown. He’s not bored, though – with Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Prince of Persia, Call of Duty: World at War and Gears of War 2 for Xbox 360, he’s got plenty to keep him busy for a good few days. Or at least until the fresh water runs out.

One person I certainly don’t want to intrude on our little Carnival bunker is a zombie wolf, but thankfully should the worst happen we’ve got Reviews: Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ for the Nintendo DS. If there’s one person I trust to defeat zombies, it’s Little Red Riding Hood. And Scott Davis of, of course.

Actually, maybe one thing worse would be vampires, but we’ve got that covered as well, as Pwn Greenland (not his real name, I suspect) has brought along the vampire-slaying guidebook NES Hell: Castlevania. "A brief rant on Konami’s "Castlevania" for the NES. Contains strong language and humour. Discretion advised."

IMG_0072 Looks like a few more winter hikers are trying to seek refuge in this tiny cabin. Yoshi’s here with Megaman the toughest enemy, wearing his favourite G’s game vids woolly hat. I feel sorry for Yoshi – with his cold blood there’s no way he can survive outside. Better let him in.

What the..?! Mike Kurz just burst out from under a pile of coats! He’s shouting something about the Community Game Of The Week: Blow posted at Check Your HUD. I hope he’s not coming down with cabin fever…

Trudging through the snow towards the warm refuge of my cabin is Gene Simmons. He looks weighed down by a huge briefcase – probably the result of his recent $100,000 Flash Game Experiment – part 2. As he gets closer, I can read "Accumulate Profit Margin Invest Destroy" on the case, so I decide to let him in. He greets me with "this is part 2 of one man’s journey into the sinister world of the online flash game business. In this episode, he goes through the creation of his first game and eventually ends up losing his sponsorship-virginity." Nobody just says "hello" any more.

My good friend DaggleC has recently started his blog Dag’s Paradigm, and his first proper post is a real cracker – end of an era tells his view of the good old days of the Spectrum and Commodore machines, and mourns the loss of the good old times of cassettes and lines of codes. Nostalgia is always a good way to get a warm glow going!

Of course, I’ve been in here all along, putting together the most heartwarming post ever imaginable – The Top Sega 50 Games of All Time. It’s finally finished after a long time’s toiling, so let’s all bask in the warm sunshine of my love affair with Sega.

Game bloggers copyHopefully this cold weather is going to pass us by in a few hours and we can all get back to our families, but until then let’s join together in saying a big thanks to everyone who reads and submits to the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers, and a very Happy New Year to you all.

If you’d like to submit to next month’s – much warmer! – Carnival, head on over to the Blog Carnival Submissions form and let gamers and bloggers all over the world read what you have to say!

October 20th, 2008
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Carnival of Video Game Bloggers, Quality Over Quantity Edition

Yes, welcome to a newly stripped-down version of the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers! It’s no coincidence that David Herbert’s Pariah’s Guild site has recently gone down for maintenance, but I’ll take my victories where I can!

Before we go on, I’d like to extend an open invitation for a reader to host next month’s Carnival – it’s extremely straightforward and boosts your traffic, so if you’re interested then leave a comment or email me at!

Kicking us off in style this month is David Wornica, with his post Console Wars over at 8-Bit Memoirs. David’s flickery, two-colour sprite sums the site up best: “8-Bit Memoirs focuses on the revolution of the video game industry from the pixilated games we know and love to the incredible modern day mega-games that have given birth to the next generation of gamers. In addition to previews and reviews, this blog offers readers the opportunity to relive their gaming past”. Bleep bleep blorp, David! (Don’t take this the wrong way – I love 8-bit stuff! I only recently got a Game Gear, my new baby!)

Dan Wright is up next, sharing with us two short but sweet posts from his website The Video Games Blog. First up is a snappy review of Kung Fu Panda, and the other outlines the appearances of Darth Vader and Yoda in Namco’s Soul Calibur IV. I know they’re not the most revelatory of posts to the hardcore gamer but I’m glad Dan submitted them, and I know next time he’s going to show something even better. Welcome aboard, Dan!

Steve DaSilva has a very tempting proposition for you all now – would you like to learn more about Video Game Testing? Then look over to his site, Testing Video Games, and he can tell you much more about it. I’ll be honest – there’s more than a whiff of advertising about this post, but I know we’ve all dreamed of getting paid good money for our hobby, so it might be worth a look.

Sticking with the game development theme (albeit very briefly!) Blake Delaney shares his post Persistence and the Art of Game Development, which needs next to no extra description from me as it’s a fine article in its own right!

Now, when I think of a website that bills itself as the “Largest Final Fantasy Resource Online“, I think they’d be providers of quality content, supplying the Final Fantasy series’ dedicated fanbase with a high standard of news and insight. If that’s what you think of too, you’ll want to check out what Azar submitted this month, Final fantasy is coming on both PS2 & XBox. The title is a clue to what you can expect.

An old friend from a few months back, Creep Colony has returned with a post on “The different damage types of Starcraft units“, over at Starcraft II Information. I’m sure that with the game’s release creeping ever closer, Creep Colony is going to be an even more invaluable resource for Starcraft fans, so make sure you keep checking and I hope Creep Colony will keep submitting to the Carnival to keep us informed!

Speaking of old friends and triumphant returns, Eclipse is back! Not only back, but back with a Sonic boom, posting a very cool glitch that lets you fly as Super Sonic in Sonic 2! You can read how to buzz around Metropolis Zone in his post Glitch: Super Sonic Flying in Metropolis Zone Act 2 in Sonic 2 over at Gaming My Way; I’ll be digging out one of my dozens of copies of Sonic 2 to give this one a go later on!

One thing I love so much about the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers is the sheer variety of posts I get every month. From gaming’s beautiful past to its brilliant future, there’s so much to celebrate and the stranger, the better in my eyes. That’s why my favourite post this month is from Mr Sands, and his celebration of Winning Eleven’s Japanese commentator Jon Kabira. Even if you’ve never heard of Mr Kabira, I urge you to read the site and listen to the samples at the bottom – they’ll make the UK commentators Jon Champion and Mark Lawrenson sound even more lifeless, if you can imagine such a thing. Mr Sands gets double points for naming his site Nippon the Bus. Great stuff!

Lastly, because it really wouldn’t be a Carnival without him, it’s old-wizard with more (mildly) controversial lists, countdowns and that sort of thing. First up it’s Top 13 Scariest Games, featuring some golden oldies for you to dig out with Hallowe’en just around the corner.

Secondly for once it’s not a Top X, it’s an article investigating a serious topic, Violence in Video Games, as part of the OW Investigative series. Is it yet another flame-baiting write-up that mocks its own audience, or a genuinely sensitive approach of an argument that divides gamers and non-gamers? I’ll leave you to decide.

I know it’s a severely cut-down Carnival compared to usual, but I’m guessing nobody ever read all 70-odd articles anyway. At least now you can take a more leisurely trip through the Carnival, and there are a few articles that should take only a few seconds out of your life, so give them a read and let the warmth of the Carnival spread throughout the world (wow, never drink before lunch..!)

I’m very pleased to announce that next month’s Carnival will be hosted by Eclipse at the superb Gaming My Way site. At the time of writing (October 30th) seems to be experiencing some difficulties, but if you still want to submit you can email your post’s link to me at this address, and I’ll pass them on. Keep trying the Blog Carnival submissions link though, it might come active at any time!

September 22nd, 2008
Blog Entry

Carnival of Video Game Bloggers, September 2008 Edition

It’s only been three weeks, but there’s always time for more Carnival! Yet again we have some superb articles on games ranging from Mass Effect to MegaMan, and Pokémon to Prince of Persia. Well, without further ado, let’s get stuck in!

Kicking us off in style this month is Miles Moen, with three posts at his superb website “The Necessities of Life” (extra marks for the right spelling, Miles!). His three posts The N Game Review, Death of My Xbox 360 and Mass Effect: Review are insightful, honest and entertaining – who could ask for anything more?


Well, I might as well get this month’s Herbertathon underway – here’s our current offerings from the Chancellor of the Carnival himself, HRH David Herbert, all posted at I don’t know if King David knows I know he’s set up a script to spam us with every article he posts, but the second article is a dead giveaway he doesn’t put in as much thought as he should.

PSA-Happy Birthday Pariah’s Guild!
Games-Coming Out This Week-August 31st-September 6th
Games-Videos-Street Fighter IV Japanese Vega vs. Chun Li Gameplay
Games-News-New PSN Games And Trailers!
Modding Warehouse-Interviews-Naruto: Naiteki Kensei
Games-Videos-LittleBigPlanet Exclusive Adventures of Sackboy Trailer
Games-News-Playstation Home Is “on track”
Games-News-Red Vs. Blue Anime!
Games-Reviews-Castle Crashers
Games-News-Sony CEO Admits That The Wii Is Superior In Demographics
Games-Videos-Dissidia: Final Fantasy DKS3713: Tidus vs. Jecht Gameplay

Next up is another veteran of the Carnival, the old wizard himself, old-wizard! As usual he’s conjured controversial countdowns, the leader of which is his “Top 10 Worst Types of People“, including “people who try to defend the Sega Genesis over the SNES” and “People who don’t appreciate 16 bit gaming”. You’re a talented writer, OW: baiting Sega fans is below you (though you seem very good at it!)

61D9EXWNZ6L._SL500_AA280_ After such controversy, OW shares with us his Top 10 Mega Man X Bosses and his Top 5 Racing Games. I’m sure you’ll be extremely surprised to discover there isn’t a single Sega racing game in the list!

Next up is Jet Set Radio legend Jam, with an article on how to “Increase Your Battery Life” posted at Jam’s Ubuntu. Nice work Jam, but how about getting those blades on again?

Now it’s time for one of my favourite posts, How Sweet is the Shepherd’s Sweet Lot: Rickey Reviews “Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise” at Riding with Rickey. I recently got a DS Lite ad Viva Piñata, and I’m loving the game so far – it’s a huge step better than I thought it would be, but don’t take my word for it, read Rickey’s review!

A challenger for Old Wizard‘s magic crown now, the freakily-named Glowing Face Man, with his article Real Life Tool-Assisted Speedrun (TAS)? posted at Glowing Face Man: Awaken the Badass Within. He has this to say about this arcane magic: a “speedrun” is a movie of a video game being beaten extremely fast. It made me ask, what if there was a speedrun of Real Life?

An insightful list next from Cancerkitty, with some great ideas on Improving Video Games, posted over at DelSquacho. I can’t say all the ideas apply to every style of game, but there are certainly some good points that developers would do well to respond to.

That fine chap Jason O from Unfettered Blather is next, busting Another gaming myth – converting the pirates. Taking a logical and well-reasoned look at the notion pirates simply choose not to pay for games, this is an excellent article that debunks a long-held myth.

Time for my favourite posts of this month now, all from the excellent Ryan Rigney at His first post, Why Pokémon is the Bane of America is a genuinely funny article that, judging from the comments, some people have taken far too seriously!

His second post Top 5 Upcoming Gaming Sites contains some very familiar faces, including regular Carnival supporter! He just ranks in above my good friend Damien McFerran‘s excellent VC-Reviews site, although curiously I’m nowhere to be seen. Maybe next time..?

Despite my praise for Mr Rigney, he still feels the need to justify himself, explaining to us all “Why I Own an Ugly Xbox 360“. There’s no need, Ryan – we love you just the same. Seriously, relax.

harvest-moon-a-wonderful-life.429186Last from Mr Rigney is his letter to Natsume, entitled Dear Natsume, How to Make Harvest Moon Great Again. As a big Harvest Moon fan I have to say I was massively disappointed with HM: Magical Melody on Wii, which was excruciatingly slow and repetitive even by Harvest Moon standards. Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon on PSP broke the mould with some superb ideas, but if Marvelous implement just a few ideas from this post they’ll be onto a winner.

Eclipse is our penultimate Carnival patron this month, with two posts at his site Gaming My Way. His first, Gaming for Perfects, tries to break out of the mentality that playing defensively in a fighting game is the best way to humiliate your opponent. When you put it like that, Eclipse, you’re absolutely right!

Afterwards he looks at the company we all love to hate, EA! Electronic Arts Still Doesn’t Get It tackles the sticky subject of Digital Rights Management, which made me realise something: this page is currently the only one on the whole Internet that doesn’t mention Spore’s piracy problems! Amazing.

Wrapping up with Vishal k Bharadwaj and his post Prince of Persia Revisited, over at his homepage He has this to say: as we eagerly await the next-gen Prince of Persia, I take a little look back at the game that started it all. Having recently rediscovered the genius of Prince of Persia on my Mega CD, I really enjoyed reading this post and I have to say I’m quite looking forward to the next-gen PoP title, even though I’ve never played a 3D entry in the series. I also recommend a look at his design and illustration page, which contains some superb stuff!

Well, I hope you all agree that was a fantastic edition of the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers! It’s very rewarding to see a mix of new faces with my favourite writers each month, and I hope you agree. Please post a link to the Carnival on your website, and if you’d like to enter next month’s then head over to the Blog Carnival submissions form. Next month’s edition is on Monday, October 21st, so don’t miss out!

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June 25th, 2008
Blog Entry

The Carnival of Video Game Bloggers, June 2008

Hello and welcome to the June edition of the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers! Due to technical trouble, this edition isn’t quite as eloquent as usual. You can rest assured that things will be back to normal next month, so don’t stop submitting those articles!

Let’s kick things off with an entry from the one and only David Herbert. Sigh.

David Herbert presents Games-News-Trainer Mechanic Will Appear In Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 posted at

In case you’re interested, there are another 75 (Seventy Five) entries from David Herbert. I certainly hope I don’t forget to include them…

Aury Glenz presents This Game Sucks: GTA IV Edition posted at Trash Flavored Trash.

Jaklar presents Age of Conan Launch Impressions – Good News, Bad News posted at InfoAddict.

96well presents [game] Mechanical turk for Science posted at Reportergene.

Redskyy presents Guitar Hero Increases the PR Pressure posted at media spec.

Harrison presents Top 10 Video Games of All Time posted at Watsonreview’s Weblog, saying, “Some of these games on this list might just surprise you”

old-wizard presents Top 5 Girls From Nintendo posted at

old-wizard presents Ask DestructoMaximo: May 29th, 2008 posted at

Anthony De Franco presents The 3rd String Safety: Nearly Perfect: A Review of Devil May Cry 4… posted at The 3rd String Safety, saying, “We are a blog focused on the interests of young men, including sports, MMA, television, and of course Video Games. We cover the hype and releases of many games in addition to reviews of any games we play.”

Aonxe presents Warhammer Online Guild System Heads Up posted at Aonxe, saying, “An interesting, in-depth article about the new game Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and how their new revolutionary “living guild” system works.”

Fiona King presents Virtual Learning: 25 Best Sims and Games For the Classroom posted at College@Home.

JakeT presents Episode 1 “Roll it Gal” posted at Jak in the Box.

Meg presents Simpson#8217;s Paradox » Blog Archive raquo; Priorities posted at Simpson’s Paradox.

Matthew Boyd presents Sailing away with “Harpooned.” posted at Kwanzoo, saying, “Harpooned – A fine example of video games as rhetoric.”

Eclipse presents The Purpose of Video Game Reviews posted at Gaming My Way.

That’s it for June edition! Once the “Get your free PS3” spam was sifted out, there were some fasnicating reads, so a big thank-you to all who sent something in. And sorry for not including all your entries David, but 75 is a little excessive!

Remember, anyone is welcome to join the carnival, so get typing and submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of video game bloggers using the carnival submission form.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on the blog carnival index page.

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May 19th, 2008
Blog Entry

The Carnival of Video Game Bloggers, May 2008

I have no idea what the horses pulling this Carnival eat, but they certainly do get a spurt on. It hardly seems five minutes since I channelled David Herbert, yet here we are with yet more of the very finest articles the world of videogames has to offer. So scrub up and let’s dive into the guts of the games world.

First up it’s Eclipse with an insightful post on the oft-overlooked Music of Gaming. I agree that these days we’re seeing more focus on graphics, but I do think we’re seeing much more focus put into creating fantastic, high-quality audio – Bioshock certainly springs to mind, as does Super Mario Galaxy. More music like that, please!

Controversy-courting magician Old Wizard is up next. Now, I’m strongly tempted not to include his submission this month, but everyone’s entitled to their opinion, so here is Old Wizard’s Top 5 Worst Gaming Consoles of All Time. I normally enjoy your posts, but this time you have done my family a great disrespect.

Next up, FitBuff posts about the American release of Wii Fit, in Nintendo Wii Fit Release Date (Preorder Here Now!)”. I’ve had WiiFit for a few weeks now and it is every bit as fun as you can imagine, and I tend to finish my workouts with a distinct sweat on and muscle pains, although the same can be said about my legendary multiplayer Bomberman sessions.

With GTA IV still in everyone’s machines, Ashok is taking a look at the old games violence debate, but with a refreshingly sensible approach. Make sure you read the article Rethink.: The Purported Video Games and Violence Link is A Load of Nonsense, particularly for the blood-curdling link to orange juice.

A new blogger has entered the Carnival! Welcome to Creep Colony, who runs “The #1 StarCraft & Starcraft 2 tips/tricks source, providing the latest news, downloads, maps, bots, strategies & cheats.” This is surely a site that’s going to go from strength to strength as Blizzard release more news, so make sure to head over to Starcraft II Information immediately!

Old-wizard again. Top 10 Hardest Games. Still not forgiven.

A double whammy now from Amanda Harris, who posts a thought-provoking article about Internet safety before relaxing you again with some online Backgammon. You could do it the other way of course but I wouldn’t like to predict the effects. Allowing Your Children to Go Online with Video Games? and Relax with Some Online Backgammon are both posts at eFamilyBlogger. Thanks, Amanda!

Lots of new bloggers this month! The next submission speaks for itself, so it’s over to you, Blue Sunshine! “GTA4 is already under fire from one columnist, claiming that it deserves an “X rating” (not AO mind you). However, his willingness to jump to conclusions is unjustified due to the fact that he hasn’t even played the game. Also a humorous look at others who may complain about the game in the future.” I couldn’t have put it better myself. Grand Theft Auto 4 Already Causing Controversy is a corker.

Old Wizard. Top 5 Worst Video Game Related Websites of All Time. So much anger.

Alvaro Fernandez is here! I love you Alvaro. You make me feel enlightened yet humble at the same time. Exercise Your Brain in the Cognitive Age is a post about “Key questions on Brain Training that politicians, health policy makers, business leaders, educators and consumers should pay attention to.”

Now we have doublehack with Shadowbox 360 Review: Façade posted at DOUBLEHACK?!, saying, “Facade is a game featuring a Natural Language Processor, meaning it attempts to understand your normal speech. It’s impressive, but basically a novelty.” An interesting specimen to tackle doublehack – I approve!

My early favourite Eclipse rounds out this month’s Carnival with a post about my very most beloved Sonic the Hedgehog, with The Revival of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic Unleashed is still looking amazing to me and I’m sure it’ll do brilliantly, and hopefully you all agree.

Thank you very much to everybody who submitted to this month’s Carnival – it was brilliant to see so many people contributing well-written and interesting articles on such a diverse range of topics. Don’t forget to submit for next month’s Carnival on the Carnival homepage, and come back next month for even more Carnival of Video Game Bloggers!

Oh, and we also have these from David Herbert…

See you next month!

Blog Entry

Carnival of Video Game Bloggers, May 2008 (DH Ed.)

He’s excelled himself yet again.

David Herbert presents Games-News-Mafia 2 Details Emerged posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-World In Conflict: Soviet Assault posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-Valhalla Knights 2 Japanese Trailer posted at

David Herbert presents Modding Warehouse-News-1985 Switches Engines posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-New LittleBigPlanet Trailer posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-One Winged Angel posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Columns-Gears of War 2 Multiplayer Wishes posted at

David Herbert presents Gaming Machinima-Videos-EPIC HALO 3 BETRAYAL posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-NEW Lara Croft in UNDERWORLD posted at

David Herbert presents Games-News-Wii Fit Price Tag Revealed posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-Meet The Scout posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-Brothers In Arms: HH-To Hell and Back Trailer posted at

David Herbert presents Modding Warehouse-Mods-TS2 Studios Gaming Machinima Mod For Sims 2 posted at

David Herbert presents Gaming Machinima-Videos-Halo 3 Roller Coaster posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-New TF2 Map And New Medic Weapons! posted at

David Herbert presents Games-News-Age of Conan Subscription Rate Revealed posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-Sims Sells 100 Million Copies posted at

David Herbert presents Gaming Machinima-Videos-No Scope Was Involved posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-Mortal Kobat on iPhone/iPod Touch posted at

David Herbert presents Gaming Machinima-NEVER B4 DONE ON HALO! Avalanche- Plasma Grenade Musical posted at

David Herbert presents Games-News-Earthworm Jim 4 Is Announced posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Columns-Games of The Summer 2008: Part 1 posted at

David Herbert presents Games-News-Bret Favre Will Be On Madden 2009 Cover posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-Wii on a HUGE T.V. posted at

David Herbert presents Gaming Machinima-Reviews-Infidelitas posted at

David Herbert presents Games-News-Nintendo Gives Explanation On Wii Shortage In North America posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-Metal Gear Online Beta ?Team DM? posted at

David Herbert presents Games-News-Boom Blox Is Going Multi-Console posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-Bionic Commando Rearmed ?Grenade? posted at

David Herbert presents Modding Warehouse-Interviews-1985 posted at

David Herbert presents Games-News-EA Is Working On?A Monopoly Video Game?! posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-Siren:New Translation posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Columns-WTF Moments In Video Games posted at

David Herbert presents Games-News-Portal Will Not Be Released For XBLA posted at

David Herbert presents Gaming Machinima-Videos-Homeland Trailer posted at

David Herbert presents Games-News-Bourne Conspiracy Demo Is On X-Box Live posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-You got Served – Gman style posted at

David Herbert presents Modding Warehouse-Interviews-Halo: Covenant at War posted at

David Herbert presents Modding Warehouse-Map Of The Week-Portal: The Flash Version Mappack posted at

David Herbert presents Games-News-For The Last Time! No Blue Ray For The X-Box 360! posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-New Killzone 2 Trailer Good Quality posted at

David Herbert presents Games-OMG-God Of War 2 posted at

David Herbert presents Games-News-Gonintendo Accidently Found Wiiware Hacking Video posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-Brawl Taunts (A Cartoon Parody) posted at

David Herbert presents Gaming Machinima-Columns-Pariah?s Guild Favorite Machinima Series posted at

David Herbert presents Games-News-Happy 16th Birthday Wolfenstein 3-D posted at

David Herbert presents Modding Warehouse-Videos-Renegade X Trailer posted at

David Herbert presents Games-News-X-Box 360 Version Of GTA 4 Sold More In The UK posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-Molotov Alva $3,500 Contest Machinima Promo posted at

Well, it’s a start.

April 20th, 2008
Blog Entry

Carnival of David Herbert Bloggers!

A very warm welcome to one and all! Congratulations on finding your way to the world’s only blog carnival celebrating the work of David Herbert. Without any further delay, let’s David!

Damon presents A Whole Bunch of PS3 Bullshit from CNet posted at The Deathbox: Issue #1, saying, “An interesting reply to a very uninformed CNet article”. The first two letters of Damon’s name are the same as David Herbert‘s, which is why he eases us in this month.I haven't read any of these

David Herbert presents Modding Warehouse-Free Games-Crayon Physics posted at

David Herbert presents Game-Videos-Guitar Hero On Tour posted at

David Herbert presents Gaming Machinima-Videos-100 Ways To Die In GMOD posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-New DBZ Burst Limit Trailer posted at

David Herbert presents Game-Videos-Viking Battle For Asgard: War Is Hell Trailer posted at I'm sorry if they're broken or bad.

David Herbert presents Modding Warehouse-Map Of The Week-Convoy V2 posted at

David Herbert presents Game-Videos-Battlefield Bad Company Tactical Destruction Trailer posted at

David Herbert presents Gaming Machinima-Videos-A Few Good G-Men posted at

Stephanie presents Moneymaking | posted at, saying, “World of Warcraft informational blog for beginners seeking to farm gold for raids and equipment.” I don’t play World of Warcraft, but perhaps I should. If only David Herbert would give me a sign, one way or the other.

Jigsaw hc presents Battlefield: Bad Company Beta Impressions posted at Jigsaw hc’s Rants & Reviews. Cool, cheers Jigsaw. If you’re up there David Herbert, please bestow blessings on Jigsaw, for he doth honour you every month.Only so many hours in the day, right?

David Herbert presents Modding Warehouse – Garry’s Mod Wallpapers – Big Daddy posted at

David Herbert presents Gaming Machinima-Videos-Starfox: Air Strike posted at

David Herbert presents Gaming Machinima-Videos-The Legend of Lego Zelda posted at

David Herbert presents Modding Warehouse-Mods-Best WOW Add-ons posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-Free Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack Trailer posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-Amazing Nintendo Facts posted at

Alvaro Fernandez presents Sleep, Tetris, Memory and the Brain posted at SharpBrains, saying, “Do games ever appear on your dreams?”. I can’t take the piss out of Alvaro Fernandez – he’s a giant among ants in the world of smart games blogging. In answer to your question, I usually see Lumines when I close my eyes – does that count?Gotta sleep, eat, go to work,...

David Herbert presents Games-News-Minneapolis Kills Illegal To Sell Video Games To Minors Bill posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-How To Unlock Each Character In Super Smash Bros Brawl! posted at

David Herbert presents Gaming Machinima-Videos-The More You Know: Limited Edition posted at

David Herbert presents Gaming Machinima-Reviews-Enigma The Series:Episode 1 posted at

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David Herbert presents Games-News-Prey 2 For The PS3 Rumour Squashed posted at

David Herbert presents Game-Videos-Resident Evil 5 playable off-screen posted at

David Herbert presents Gaming Machinima-Videos-Dead Fantasy II posted at

Sockpuppetking presents Saints Row 2 posted at Next Gen Gaming Talk. Did you know that sockpuppetking’s real name is actually Herbert David? Strange coincidence.

David Herbert presents Modding Warehouse-Map Of The Week-Floozone V2 posted at

David Herbert presents Games-News-Rock Band For The Wii Announced, But Will Be Stripped Down posted at

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David Herbert presents Gaming Machinima-Videos-It’s Been Good posted at And I thought Jordan Bieber was addicted.

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David Herbert presents Games-News-Ubisoft Releases Tom Clancy H.A.W.X Website posted at

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David Herbert presents Games-Videos-NEW 50 Cent Video Game posted at

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David Herbert presents Games-Videos-Banjo-Threeie posted at Seriously David, maybe call the bots off, please?

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Astrobird presents How to Download, Play and Purchase a PopCap Game posted at Dive into Games, saying, “We offer reviews and information for new casual gamers, as well as gaming gift suggestions.” A fantastic entry from AstroBird telling you how to get into the wonderful world of PopCap Games. Incidentally, PopCap Games started after an image of David Herbert appeared in the founder’s bacon sandwich.

David Herbert presents Gaming Machinima-Videos-Red Vs. Blue Reconstruction Trailer posted at

David Herbert presents Games-OMG-Final Fantasy 12 posted at

David Herbert presents Gaming Machinima-Videos-Smash Bros. Lyrics Interpretation posted at

old-wizard presents Top 20 Worst Video Games of All Time posted at I don’t know what my top twenty would be, but here’s a few ideas:

  • Special David Herbert Investigation
  • Double Dragon vs. David Herbert
  • David Herbert‘s Dark Castle

David Herbert presents Games-News-Epic Games Revealed “Make Something Unreal” Contest posted at

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old-wizard presents Top 10 Video Game Heroes of All Time posted at Guess who my number one would be.

David Herbert presents Modding Warehouse-Map Of The Week-Castle 3 posted at

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David Herbert presents Games-Videos-Star Wars: Force Unleashed:Vader Announcement posted at No... I am David Herbert

CraftedKarma presents How to rip flash games to your hard drive posted at Urban Survival Skills. Useful if you need a break from reading about David Herbert. If you do, you’re stupid.

David Herbert presents Games-News-Stephen King Defends Violent Video Games posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-Rufus in SF4 New Character posted at

Alexander presents Yet another attempt to get video games censored posted at Extremely Lame, saying, “Election time? Check. Legislators a bit down in the polls? Check. It’s time for another instalment of “Let’s blame pop culture for all of society’s ills and cash some quick percentage points!”” I can’t wait until the next British General Election. I’ll make a stand by adding an extra candidate to my ballot sheet. Any suggestions?

David Herbert presents Games-News-Walter Reed Army Medical Center Uses Wiis For Therapy posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-GTA 4 Liberty City Gun Club posted at

David Herbert presents Games-Videos-Blue Falcon Unlocked-Mario Kart Wii posted at

Well, that’s the end of this month’s Carnival of David Herbert Bloggers! I do hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves, and make sure to stop by next month to celebrate everybody’s favourite Lord of Dogs, Mr David Herbert. Make sure you read all of his posts and leave at least one comment each. Oh, and David – maybe just choose your best bits next time?

Don’t forget to use our Blog Carnival Submissions Form, and also you can see all our past editions on the blog carnival index page. Cheers, and see you soon!


Total number of submissions: 76.
Submissions from David Herbert: 64.
Number of times the words “David Herbert” used in this article: 74.
Spelling mistakes: 4: “Clany”, “Cancy”, “freind”, “installment”.

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March 24th, 2008
Blog Entry

Carnival of Video Game Bloggers, March 2008 (yes, again!)

Wait, wasn’t last month’s the Carnival for March? Why yes it was, but it makes more sense for this one to be March, what with it being March and all! Anyway, nomenclature aside, I’m proud to present a delicious platter of all the best intelligent gaming articles, covering everything from mouthwatering Nintendo fan art to tasty tips for Wii owners.

Note well, Carnival fans: Some posts submitted before the deadline have been held back for next month’s because I’ve been having a little jaunt around the country. It’s complicated but rest assured, they will feature in next month’s Carnival, I promise. Now, let’s eat!

Hors d’oeuvres

When faced with a huge banquet, it’s best to start with tiny titbits to get your tastebuds warmed up. Alan Smithee‘s “Phantasy Star Generation 1 & 2: Sega really needs to do this… now!” is the perfect start! I’ll admit to being a bit of a neophile when it comes to Phantasy Star, but this certainly is appetising!

A new twist on a traditional starter now: Horny Melon. Normally you’d eat honeydew or galia melon, but here at the Carnival we’ve found a new variety, called “Top Ten Most Anticipated Titles of 2008“. It does come with a warning, though: “This is by no means a comprehensive list, instead showcasing those titles that bring something new to the table or at the very least resurrect a long dead IP.”

A little old-wizard is called for next, I think… ah, that “Top 10 MegaMan bosses” should hit the spot! True fact: I’ve never played a MegaMan game. Those boss names are enticing, though! In fact, they perfectly complement his main course, the “Top 10 Gaming Consoles of All Time“. There’s always some controversy over what ingredients should actually make up a “top 10 consoles” list, but here’s an old Newton family recipe: 5g Sony, 10g Atari, 25g Nintendo, 14kg Sega. Pinch of Microsoft.

Matt Howard‘s next up with an old family recipe for video game satire, perfected in his showpiece “Bush and Advisors Play Team Fortress 2, Iraq War Called Off“. Flavoured to perfection Matt – nice and sour!

Every great chef knows presentation is everything, and a visually pleasing dish always tastes better than a sloppy mess. With that in mind, Game Fan Art presents “Game Fan Art: The Legend of Zelda“, and Robyn J. McCleary shows off “ORIGINAL NINTENDO” from the kitchens of THE BEAUTY OF ART TODAY. Strangely, I’ve noticed most of my cooking tastes better with my glasses off.

Joe Boomer knows how to please his patrons, but I can’t say any more until the court case ends. He can also defend himself, as his knowledge of superb fighting game “Toribash” shows. I’ve lost many an hour to Toribash, so if you haven’t tasted its delights yet be sure to whet your appetite on Joe’s piece. You won’t be the first.

Not all fine dining has to be expensive, you know. I went to a tremendous restaurant last week that was also very reasonably priced. Majid Morabit appreciates thrift, so his dish consists of “All PS3 games for 34.99CDN!“. Carnival reminder: service is not included in the bill. 

Renowned chef Norman Morse can never be accused of serving small portions, and the cornerstone of his new menu, “Why can’t I learn Chinese in a computer game? The Game of Self: Ideas from the perspective of a computer game developer who has immersed himself in Chinese Culture, Self Development and NLP.“, is certainly a mouthful!

Phew, I’d better take a break or it’s possible I’ll die of indigestion. Now’s a good time to mop my brow, loosen my belt and remind you that the next edition of the Carnival should be fully cooked from frozen on April the 21st, and if you fancy hosting it in your own kitchen please leave a comment or email me!

I’m launching into the remaining dishes with renewed energy, and taking a huge bite from Holly Ord‘s “Sexy Girls Play the Wii and You Should Too!” from their restaurant, Menstrual Poetry. Haven’t seen that one mentioned in the Good Food Guide… great name, though.

Justin Young came third in Junior Masterchef at the age of just four, and that natural ability comes through in the menu at his bar and grill Game With a Brain, where today the special is a lip-licking “Five useless lessons taught by video games“. The only lesson I’ve learnt recently is that lining up squares of the same colour makes them disappear. And that this feels good when repeated for hours.

A delightful spread from Neelakantha now, offering a massive 100 different flavours on a plate! “The Wii Owner’s Toolbox: 100 Cool Things to do With Your System” should satisfy you… until Mario Kart Wii is out at least!

Today’s Specials

What is a great main course without the side dishes to complement it? What is fish and chips without salt and vinegar? What is roast beef without gravy? What is Andrew Pellerano without “Portal Guns are a Game Condiment“? I can’t answer that, but his blog YAY! It’s Andrew! has the second best name I’ve encountered this month.

Over at the head table I can just see Andy Boyd‘s head bobbing around, checking out the reactions to everybody else’s dishes. It’s fair to say they’re going down extremely well, but he has with him a six-foot surprise hidden beneath a cloth. With a flourish he proudly unveils his “9 Home Gaming Setups Better Than Yours”, with a booming cry of “some great setups in here including some serious home gaming arcades!” Looks like Phil from Sodaware just threw up a little…

It’s a cliché, but less sometimes really is more, and Andrew Zolman‘s minimalist approach speaks volumes without saying much at all, really. When you see “” posted at game raiderz, I’m sure you’ll agree his dishes speak for themselves.

Someone else who speaks for himself is… well, me. You can chow down on two slices of James Newton goodness, the first of which is my Wii Fit preview from Nintendo Life. After building some muscle, don’t forget your grey matter by checking out my recent article “Dr Kawashima’s Brain Washing: How Nintendo Dumbed Gaming Down“. It might seem anti-Nintendo, but the truth is it was borne out of frustration from listening to their Sight Training and Brain Training adverts all day long at work.

Why not wash that down with a little vintage Sega goodness? We’ve a delightful bottle of Sega Superstars Tennis on our wine list today; a jaunty bouquet with notes of nostalgia and Richard Jacques’s aftershave slipping through. A tremendous accompaniment to our banquet!

Everyone has a favourite chef: mine is myself. That said, Alvaro Fernandez always cooks up a sumptuous plateful, and he’s delivered again this month with a succulent report on The State of the Brain Fitness Software Market 2008, proving there is much more to tightening up your intellectual agility than counting men going into houses.

James D. Brausch just popped into the banquet, handing out flyers for his post “Is Your Keyboard Making You Fat?“. From the looks on the other guests’ faces, they’ve had enough just for now, but I need fattening up, so more for me!

You know when you’re young and you want to avoid eating something horrible, so you push it around your plate and hope it thins out enough to look like you’ve eaten it? Well this isn’t anything like that. All these articles are haute cuisine of the highest order, and none more so than “The Road to Hell is Gamed with Good Intentions: Mass Effect“, Jen’s insightful take on the recent kerfuffle over Mass Effect’s sex scene.

Next I’ll carve a slice of K Peney‘s meaty-looking “Stepping Away from Escapism” from Write the Game. Tender, moist… delicious! More of this, please!

Jigsaw HC barbecues a mean steak, but will he find EA’s Army of Two a little undercooked? His Army of Two Review should satisfy.

I tried sushi for the first time a few weeks ago. I love rice, soy sauce and fish. I hated sushi. If you’re thinking of trying an unfamiliar form of dining called “Macs”, you should check out Jose DeJesus MD‘s “Tips for People Considering a Mac or Macbook“. It could prevent you spitting your cold, salty rice all over yourself.

Well, after all that fine dining it’s only right to finish on something decadently indulgent, and right on cue is dessert master David Herbert of the Michelin-starred Pariah’s Guild, with a calorie-stuffed twenty articles at the time of writing! As is tradition, David earns The Jordan Bieber Award for Most Articles Submitted! Many congratulations and thanks David, I hope you’ll continue to support the Carnival in the coming months!


The Bourne Conspiracy: Gameplay trailer with commentary
Circuits in Mario Kart Wii
Street Fighter IV: Chun Li vs. C. Viper
GTA 4 – LCPD Trailer
Leaked Prince of Persia 4 Video
WOW Music Video
Alone In The Dark: Epic Haunting Gameplay Trailer
ButtKicking Device
Iron Man: Iron Flight gameplay
Project Origin – Second Trailer

Gaming Machinima reviews

The Man Who Wanted to Sneeze
One Last Breath
Jay Adams
Pimp Saga Episode 3: Revenge


Dexter Game Is In The Works
Pirates Of The Caribbean Director Is Entering The Video Game Market
More Details About Sin City; The Game

Everything else:

OMG-Garry’s Mod 10
Modding Warehouse-Map Of The Week-Station 1

Many thanks again to David and everybody who submitted articles this month! As usual, a few didn’t make the cut but don’t let that deter you from submitting again next time!

I’m stuffed

The next Carnival is coming around on April the 21st, so get those articles in before April the 18th to be considered! Submit your entry using the Blog Carnival submissions form. If you’d be interested in hosting next month’s or a future edition of the Carnival, please leave your name and website in a comment and we’ll strike a deal!

February 18th, 2008
Blog Entry

Carnival of Video Game Bloggers, March 2008 - official budget airline of the CarnivalHello, and welcome to the special homecoming edition of the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers! It’s been wandering around for the past few months, searching for its identity like an RPG hero, but now I’m back at the wheel for the next two issues, and the quality of entries is just as high as when I left, which is great!

I’d like to thank Phil at Sodaware for his hard work keeping the Carnival going in my absence, and thanks to everyone else for submitting such great articles!

Now I’ve settled into my groove it’s time to check my mailbox and see what entries have arrived this month.


What the..? There are banners and balloons everywhere, and lots of people in hats clutching gifts. One of the banners reads “Happy 1st Birthday Carnival!“.

Of course, I’d completely forgotten! The first issue of the Carnival was a year ago! And you threw this surprise party for the Carnival in my house… actually, how did you get in? Never mind, it looks like you guys brought enough articles for everyone to enjoy!

Let’s see… this one looks good. It’s a very sophisticated looking box, and the tag reads “A Gaming Technology Blog”. Ah, it’s from Fadzli, and it’s just what I was after – the “GeForce 8800 Ultra | 8800 GTX” article! I’ve been interested in a new graphics card for a while, so this will come in handy. Thanks!Mrs Boots would certainly agree

This one feels like a pot or vase or something, but it’s a little strange, like it’s filled with liquid. It says “happy birthday Carnival, from K Peney at Write the Game”. What a great surprise! I can’t wait to get into this one… it’s “Enough With the Realistic Water Already”! Water effects are easy to rave about – those in Sonic R were great ten years ago! – but not everybody’s so enthusiastic!

Next up is a big rattling box from Sagar, full of expensive-sounding equipment. It simply says “How to Homebrew Wii Games: 73 Tips, Tutorials and Resources”, at Virtual Hosting. Well, that’s great! Thanks, I’ll pop that up there, though I should say I am against modifying consoles. Still, the Flash tutorials are useful!

Well, look who just walked in! It’s Karl Ljungberg from Charlie Brown in the World of Games! At least that explains the fancy dress. Oh, and you brought a present too! Ahh, I think I know what this is… it’s “Wolfenstein 3D”! “Yep, it’s a simple review of the classic Wolfenstein 3D”, says Karl. Many thanks indeed! You know, Wolfenstein was one of the very first games I ever played, and I remember firing the gatling gun one shot at a time. Good times.

Wow, this room is getting full… if everybody’s here, I think now would be a good time to ask any of you guys if you’d like to host a future edition of the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers. That goes for all you guys who just came to read and enjoy the party too! I can’t guarantee presents, but I can assure you that you’ll have fun and receive links and new readers, hopefully enough to take your blog to the next level of popularity. The next available edition is on April the 21st, so if you’re interested please leave a comment!

Okay, everyone’s too busy eating cake to listen any more, so let’s see what other presents we have here. This one looks good… ah, I recognise this handwriting; it has to be Jigsaw hc from Jigsaw hc’s Rants and Reviews! Always good to see some familiar faces! This time it’s his “Free Month of Gamefly”, which if you’re a regular Carnival attendee will prick your ears up I’m sure.

Well, after you guys I think I can spy a few more presents on the pile, but this Money Blue Book has caught my eye. The inscription reads “Halo 3 – Is the Video Game Industry Getting Bigger Than the Movie Industry?, happy birthday from Raymond”. Many thanks Raymond for such an interesting present!

Wow, looks like this next one is in its own custom paper – it says “WHdb” all over. Ahh, it’s the “Top 25 Linux Games for 2008” I asked for. Thanks, Neelakantha!

I’ve never believed in the word “modesty”, so here I am about to gatecrash my own surprise party with a couple of articles of my own. First of all is my recent post “My Strange Love (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Sony)”, which is all about my recent purchase of, shock horror, a PlayStation Portable! There’s a perfectly good reason behind it though, but I guess you’ll just have to read the article to find out!

The next article for your delectation is over at another website I’ve just started writing for, Nintendo Life. You may notice it’s slightly more professional-looking than this one, and I guess it represents a tentative step into “real” games writing, rather than my Animal Crossing diaries. Anyway, you can check out my two reviews, one about Endless Ocean and the other on the lovely Doshin the Giant.Cake

Well, back to the pile! There’s a very slim box here that’s about the right size for a PSP game, so I’ll dive right into that one. It is a PSP game! Oh, but it’s a Final Fantasy game. R.O. has given me “Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core for PSP” from R.O.’s World Reloaded, and wanted to let you guys know “Japan Man has sexy Japanese idols, romantic advice, video game reviews, and Bleach Info. All of the video clips and pictures are new and my advice is timeless. Come check out my site, subscribe to my feed, stumble me, and comment!” Thanks, R.O.!

I’ve actually played two Final Fantasy games in the past two weeks, which is two more than in the rest of my life. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is much better than when I played it with Jim once years ago, but Final Fantasy Tactics on PSP lasted about twenty seconds:

You forget yourself! You are in the presence of the princess!

Mayhaps a bowed knee would less offend.

I couldn’t tell if it was ironic or not, and I didn’t want to play the rest of the game to find out.

You know, sometimes I open the best-looking presents right away, but this time I’ve left it until the end. It looks like a sort of boxing-glove shape, but what use would only one glove be? Let’s rip it open and see what’s inside… “Top 10 Characters from the Punch-Out Series” from Old-Wizard at Wow, you must have spent ages making this! I just hope that fat bald-headed pig isn’t number one, or else!

Last up, but certainly not least, is this rather squishy-feeling present with the tag “love, Alvaro Fernandez”. Regular Carnival attendees will recognise Alvaro as one of the web’s leading lights on truly intelligent gaming, with plenty of revealing research into the beneficial aspects of video games on the brain. You can tell I’m a fan, so let’s see what present Alvaro brought… “Are Schools (Cognitively) Nutritive for Children’s Complex Thinking?”, saying “Why videogames may be, in fact, a great complement to schools…”

Mixed in amongst all the beautiful cards was a pretty high amount of junk mail this month, unfortunately. I thought the name “Carnival of Video Game Bloggers” was fairly self-explanatory, but I’m guessing not! So it’s thanks but no thanks to the following submitters, whose content wasn’t suitable: John Crenshaw, Carole G. McKay, Rob Moshe, Robert Phillips and a second article from Raymond.

Next time, I'd like one of these please

Well, that was a wonderful surprise, and thanks to everybody who came, whether you brought a present or your best wishes. The next Carnival of Video Game Bloggers will be right back here on Monday, March the 17th, so make sure you get those submissions in before Friday, March the 14th! Use the Blog Carnival Submissions form to get that article on my desk, and remember: anything game-related is fair game for the Carnival! Also, don’t forget you can host a future issue, so drop me a comment or an email if you’re interested!

Now, we’ve all got some serious reading to do, so scram!

March 19th, 2007
Blog Entry

Carnival of Video Game Bloggers for March

Bringing you the very best of intelligent gaming articles, the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers unites game writers from all over the world in a rampant celebration of those who play games. Last month’s first edition was a huge success, and this month’s is even bigger. Well, let’s get on with the show!

I’ve also chosen today to launch the first episode of my podcast, which today looks at the Carnival and the European PlayStation 3 launch on Friday. Click to download here!

JC Barnett posted one of my favourite articles this month, an intelligent and insightful look into how video games are developed, and whether we can learn from other media. Do as the Hollywodians also contains my favourite kind of chart: flow chart. Top marks!

On similarly smart grounds, TherapyDoc writes on a topic we probably all think about: addiction. Parts of “Paying attention while under the influence: Internet & Spider Solitaire Addictions” sound very familiar to me – when playing games I can only communicate with eyeblinks.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed!

With World of Warcraft still claiming the time of so many around the world, Praveen from My Simple Trading System alerts us to a shocking unseen aspect of WoW: Video Game Sweat Shops.

Kristoffer Belau looks back on some hard times in his life, and specifically the 5 most difficult games ever, including a few surprises – no Ikaruga? Perhaps he’s just got awesome reactions.

Next up is that warmongering Akusai with a call to arms to all responsible game players out there: Our World is in Peril. There is a very real evil out there, and Akusai is joining the charge against it.

Our next entrant is Gazz from My Opinion on Stuff – at the time of writing the website seems to be down for me, but I’ll post the link and hopefully it’ll work a little later.

I thought I’d take a leaf out of our next two bloggers’ books and submit multiple articles myself this month. The first is Truly Underrated Games: Shining Soul II, examining one of my favourite action RPGs. The second is Sega’s DS Surprise: Best-Case Scenario, outlining my hopes for Sega’s “totally surprising” announcement for Nintendo DS this year.

Make a blogger’s day – leave a nice comment on their article!

Last month I wrote this in the style of an awards show, and by far the most popular award was the Inaugural Jordan Bieber Award for Most Articles Submitted, won by Jordan Bieber. He was a worthy winner, and this time around sought to retain his crown by submitting this crop of articles:

Nintendo Finds Archives From Mid-90’s, Announces Surprise VC Lineup

The Real Purpose of the New Everyone Votes Wii Channel Revealed!

Gamecube Still the Champ for Zelda Nuts

Nintendo Nitpicker: Wii’s 3 incompatible controllers

Wii Wiish List: The Super Mario Channel

El Legendo de Smelda: Macarena of Time

It was a great effort with six very varied Nintendo articles looking at fangames, “Wiishes” and hidden agendas. However, sadly his crown has slipped from its perch and onto the head of a new champion!

Save $5 a Month on – Review

Three Reasons I Hate Crackdown

Contest: Win Uno, Robotron, and a Month Subscription to GameznFlix

GRAW 2 Demos Reviewed

Gears of War Multiplayer Map Pack Mini Review

My Full Xbox Live Friends List Dilemma

Tetris Evolved Coming

Heavy Weapon Review

With a mighty and unbeaten eight articles submitted, it gives me great pleasure to hand over the second Jordan Bieber Award for Most Articles Submitted to Jigsaw HC! I even made you a special image you can use on your site to indicate you won the most prestigious award in the world. Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who submitted articles – we’ve got a whopping twenty-two posts here, easily beating last month’s pretty impressive total. For a fledgling carnival I think things are really taking off!

Next month’s carnival will be hosted by my brother Phil Newton over at Sodaware:: Adventures in Shareware. It’s another open-mic session so keep on sending all your articles and thoughts in from the Carnival homepage.

Just a quick note – if your comments or trackbacks aren’t appearing that’s because my spam intake has gone through the roof. I checked in on the carnival this morning to find almost 600 spam comments waiting for moderation! There could have been a few genuine comments in there, so I apologise if it doesn’t show.

I hope you enjoy this month’s carnival, and be sure to leave a comment on someone’s work – they’re sure to appreciate it!

Don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed to be kept in touch with regular updates!

Place a trackback or make a post about this carnival to share your readers with other bloggers, and receive traffic in return!

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