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June 30th, 2010

Dragon Quest IX Gets a Little Help from Seth Green

Contains potentially fatal amounts of geek

Just when you thought your anticipation levels for Dragon Quest IX couldn't get any higher, along comes Nintendo with a new celebrity endorsement to kick your excitement up just another little notch. It may not be quite Beyoncé Knowles advertising Rhythm Paradise, but Seth Green's comical turn in this advert for the upcoming DS RPG may convince a few gamers to pick up Square Enix's epic title when it lands in North America on July 11th.


Seth Green's advertising of Dragon Quest IX has actually got me interested in the game, despite my total apathy towards him and DQ overall!

Shigeru Miyamoto is Certainly Not Short on Coins

Breaking news! Creator of Mario is wealthy!

Shigeru Miyamoto is one of the industry's founding fathers and there's no doubt the industry would be a very different place without him, so it seems fair that he's paid accordingly. Recently documents that reveal the pay of top Japanese executives, including Nintendo have come to light, and the salaries of Mr Miyamoto and Nintendo President Satoru Iwata make interesting reading.


Brace Yourself for the Best Super Famicom T-Shirt You’ll See Today

Japanese Super NES shirt all kinds of cool

If you like your gaming t-shirts, there's no finer feeling than finding fancy new threads, and thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of Nintendo you're never likely to be short of choice, and here's another one to add to your shopping list.


I bought my first items using my business account today: two folders and a book on keeping better business accounts. Exciting times.

You’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat for 101 Shark Pets

Portable pets coming to DSiWare

The Teyon DSiWare production line keeps on going: with five DSiWare titles already released from the Polish publisher it's now time to meet the company's next outing, 101 Shark Pets.


This Mega Man 10 Concept Art is Awesome

Blue Bomber backgrounds in black and white

Although you might think Mega Man 10's retro graphical style is easy, a Japanese site has published some concept art showing the amount of work that went into bringing the game to life.


RT @nintendolife: Check out this awesome canvas artwork from @GameLion! It's currently sat in my office :)

June 29th, 2010

Show Your Mettle in the Wii Games 2010

North American competition on the way

Think you've got serious skills when it comes to Wii gaming? Think your Little Mac could take down the competition, or that your Funky Kong is unstoppable on the track? It might be time to put your coins where your mouth is as Nintendo is launching Wii Games Summer 2010.


Get Cute and Fluffy with Miffy’s World on WiiWare

Such cold black eyes...

Miffy, so the song goes, is a sweet little bunny, and Wii owners will soon get the chance to meet the cute rodent as Miffy's World is on the way to WiiWare.


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