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May 31st, 2010

On the brilliant Tatsunoko vs Capcom again. What an amazing fighter!

RT @nintendolife Interviews: Mere Mortals - Nintendo Life: DSiWare

Interviews: Mere Mortals

We chat to the Pocket Pack developer about its download-focused future

Mere Mortals probably isn't a name you instantly recognise, but UK readers have experienced more of the company's output than they might realise. The multi-talented team produced the animations for Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe, had a hand in the CG for Danny Boyle's Sunshine and Slumdog Millionaire and is about to broadcast more of its handiwork to millions of homes with a series of adverts throughout the World Cup.


Music On: Electronic Keyboard Puts a Keyboard in Your DSiWare

The music software scene just keeps on snowballing: we've already had the announcements of Rhythm Core Alpha and Mix Superstar, not to mention the already-available and rather good Rytmik, and now Abylight is joining the party with Music On: Electronic Keyboard for DSiWare.


NHL Slapshot Includes Wii’s First Dinky Hockey Stick

See Wayne Gretsky hold it and smile

In a move that's caused someone, somewhere to curse why they didn't think of it first, the next NHL Slapshot game is coming to Wii complete with a very fetching mini hockey stick peripheral, as modelled by Wayne Gretsky and family here.


May 30th, 2010

I need to find £30 for Super Mario Galaxy 2. I'll start behind the sofa, I think.

Feature: The Great and the Good in WarioWare DIY

Get some inspiration for your creations

We love WarioWare: DIY here at Nintendo Life Towers: its ample array of game creation tools is enough to inspire even the most stunted imagination to create a gameplay masterpiece. When placed in the hands of the truly talented, however, some unbelievable microgames are possible: here's a selection of some of our favourites, taking in everything from Xenogears shower scenes to identifying Keyser Soze.

Classic Nintendo Games

When given the tools to create an almost limitless array of unique and imaginative games, we're betting the first thing you did was recreate your favourite Nintendo title. It may not have worked out perfectly, but you probably learnt a lot from it, right? Well here's a few Nintendo tributes that nail their impressions perfectly, and a couple of combinations so bizarre they might scar you for life.


Dennis Hopper Passes Away

King Koopa loses battle to cancer

It may not be fondly remembered by many gamers, but the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie certainly had some big name acting talent. Sadly, Dennis Hopper, who played the role of King Koopa, passed away yesterday from complications of metastasised prostate cancer.


May 29th, 2010

Get Ready for More 3D Sonics: Sega Will Invest Heavily in 3DS

Console is "landmark hardware" says Sega top man

Renegade Kid's Jools Watsham recently spoke out saying he believed Western third-parties would get behind the 3DS after being put off by the lack of success on DS and now, from the other side of the world, Japanese giant Sega has confirmed its intentions to support 3DS fully.


May 28th, 2010

Get Your Travis Touchdown Clothes on in Carnaby Street

No More Heroes tie-in with British fashion label

No More Heroes and clothing go together like beams and katanas: Australian gamers can look forward to an exclusive Bizarre Jelly t-shirt, last week saw the announcement of No More Heroes lingerie and now a British fashion retailer has had a complete makeover to become a real-life Airport 51.


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