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April 30th, 2011

Gamestation Registering Customer Interest in Project Café

Jumping the gun?

We're still over a month away from Nintendo's official reveal of its Wii successor, but that doesn't mean retailers aren't keen to get in there early and start securing customer interest.


Listening to some Hayley Westenra while Mrs N is out and about. If she were here I'd be dead!

Talking Point: Are Small Games Kinect’s Future?

Appy days on the way?

Yesterday we reported that Fruit Ninja might be coming to Kinect, and we know that Doodle Jump in bounding to Kinect too. In fact, of late we've had more announcements of smaller games than big AAA titles coming to the sensor, prompting us to ask "are small games Kinect's future?"


April 29th, 2011

Playing Virtua Tennis 4. Nice to see Sumo's Steve Lycett aka S0L make an appearance!

Antipole Contains a Surprise for Cosmos X2 Owners

Submitted to lotcheck now

Topsy-turvy DSiWare outing Antipole is on its way to the download service in the coming months, as developer Saturnine Games has announced the game's submission to Nintendo's lotcheck.


Need for Speed: The Run Races to 3DS and Wii in November

Start your engines

Last year's Wii version of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit didn't go down brilliantly with gamers, but hopefully EA can atone for its errors with this year's entry Need for Speed: The Run on Wii. It's not just Wii getting a look in though, as Need for Speed: The Run is coming to 3DS as well.


3DS Console and WiiWare Games On Offer in Abylight Contest

Will you be the lucky one?

If you didn't win our 3DS giveaway you might want to take a look at Spanish developer Abylight's website on Monday.


Rumour: Fruit Ninja to Get Kinect’s Juices Flowing

Thanks, Korean ratings board

Popular smartphone game Fruit Ninja is as simple a concept as it gets: fruit comes flying in, you slice it with your finger. Fancy doing that with your whole body? You might get the chance, as the Korean Game Ratings Board has given the game a run out.


Features: The Characters of MotoHeroz

Meet the racers

In anticipation of MotoHeroz's June 2011 release on WiiWare, we've teamed up with Trials HD developer RedLynx to bring you a series of exclusive articles. Last week we brought you The World of MotoHeroz, and now it's time to meet its inhabitants.

The Characters of MotoHeroz

There are four characters in the story of MotoHeroz, and all four are competing in the Great World Race of Gema. These characters are Gene McQuick, a happy-go-lucky rookie; Hans Ohne, a grumpy mechanic; Peri Sprite, the nicest driver on the road, and Spider O'Rally, a devilish villain who will do anything to win.


Out Today: Virtua Tennis 4 (Europe)

Drop the racquet

Xbox 360 gets its second "Better with Kinect Sensor" game today with the release of Sega's Virtua Tennis 4 across Europe.


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