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January 31st, 2007
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James Newton

I use my real name for all my instrumental music and work I produce for other people. Here you can find music for various screen projects, both big and small.



1. Tanner’s theme.
2. Photoframe.
3. Let’s talk about Dad, again.

Tanner is a feature-length film written, produced and directed by Oliver Crocker, starring Frank Williams (Dad’s Army), Bernard Wrigley (Phoenix Nights) and Tony Osoba (Porridge).

About the soundtrack.

I wrote the score in around a month. One thing that was clear from the start was that each major character – Craddock, Tanner and his absent father – would all require a strong theme to set them apart. I decided to use a basic palette of piano and cello for a number of reasons including time, resources and plain old ability.

Using these two instruments consistently actually made crafting the themes easier – the common ground linked the characters, and also allowed me to explore their sounds in different areas. Extra instruments such as bassoons and flutes were used on two of these sample tracks to add colour, and other tracks include full drums, pizzicato strings, electric guitars and synthesised elements to further explore moods.

The second track, “Photoframe”, is Tanner’s (deceased) father’s theme. The third track is Tanner actually discussing his father, and beginning to understand how much like his father he has become. I particularly like the way the music works in these three tracks; it’s very pleasing to me.

Video games (NEW)

Shining Online

I started writing music for the Shining Force fangame Shining Online about five or six years ago now. Although work on the game takes place very sporadically, it’s something I’m very proud of and close to, and has inspired probably the best piece of music I’ve written.

1. Shrine theme.
2. Vagabond

I intend to upload more of my Shining Online music in the near future.

Documentary music (NEW)

Dad’s Army and Beyond: The Frank Williams Story

A documentary about the popular Dad’s Army actor Frank Williams. For this I wanted a nostalgic sort of feel, so went for my old favourites: piano and bassoon. I like this song, but I’m aware that if a real bassoon player tried to play it they would almost certainly suffocate.

1. Amber Leaves

“Diversification: The Future of Farming?”

Using a completely different style to Tanner, this combines rustic sounds and rhythms with soothing spacial synths, and is some of my favourite work yet.

1. On the Farm.
2. At the Day’s End.
3. Ambient Farming.

Ask for more!

As the Pepsi adverts used to say.

If you’d like me to write some music for your film, television program, game, advert or anything at all, drop me an email with your idea and what you’d like it to sound like and I’ll get back to you!

January 30th, 2007
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Long Distance cover

Long Distance (2005)

1. Long Distance (2:48)
2. New Leaf (3:43)
3. Charity (2:52)
4. Throwing It All Away (3:18)
5. Where the Silence Is (2:52)
6. Break the Silence (3:28)
7. Leaving Song (2:40)
8. Decayed (3:37)
9. Sky Lights (3:33)
10. Beeman (1:01)

Thanks to: Hannah for everlasting love and inspiration, Phil for web design and support, Jim for musical mastery and the support to make it possible and you, for wanting to listen.

All tracks written, performed and recorded by James Newton, apart from New Leaf, recorded by Jim Parker; Beeman lyrics by Chris Day. Acoustic guitar solo on New Leaf courtesy of Jim Parker.

Making the album

What started as my desire to write and record an album in the summer of 2003 took until August 2005 to finish. It took me much longer to write ten songs that I had originally anticipated, but I had them all written long before I recorded them all. When I got my new PC in August ’05 I decided enough was enough, and recorded very rough versions of them all in about two days. My bedroom was a mess, with an electric guitar and amp, acoustic guitar, two mics and a keyboard all interweaving, much as they do on the record (ho ho).

It was hard work but I enjoyed it, and even though the temptation is there to re-record them with better production and more polish, the time has come to lay them to rest, which is partly why I’m putting them online – although they’ll always have a place in my heart, these songs have had their moment, and it’s time to leave them behind and see what comes next.

What comes next?

Good question. Just as I had the title and artwork for Long Distance far in advance, my next album under the Prosody name will be called “Alight”. I don’t have any songs for it, but it might be taking a more relaxing, ambient path, as you’ll hear if you head over to the James Newton section


I decided to break with my five-year silence on lyrics and post them up, mainly because some people have said they struggle to make out just what the Hell I’m singing about. Worry no more, friends!

    Long Distance

Look at us now, torn apart
But together all the same somehow.
This for us is a new start
We’re closer than ever now.

You were so far away,
Something I have always wanted to say
Is when you cry look towards the time
When we’ll be together every day.

This is one journey I don’t want to end.

Where do you see this going?
Where will we go from here?
There’s never any true way of knowing,
But what we want was never so near.

Though now I’m so far away,
Things won’t always be this way.
Lift your eyes, push them up to the skies,
We share in all that beauty every day.

This is one journey I don’t want to end.
This is one journey that won’t ever end.

    New Leaf

I’m in need of repair
My body is shattered,
My heart is scattered,
Here and there, don’t know where.
Inside out for too long,
Waiting for a feeling,
I’m waiting for healing,
I’m hanging on.

I’m waiting for a new life,
Strange as it sounds I want to go under the knife.
I feel like I should be terrified,
But not with you by my side.

You got under my skin,
You came in through a cut
And you sowed my skin together,
No longer under the weather.
Black and blue fade out,
Wounds are all repaired,
I’m still amazed that
Someone cared, you cared.

I’ve turned over a new leaf,
So this is what it feels like to breathe.
You bring me
You bring me relief.

I’ve turned over a new leaf,
So this is what it feels like to breathe.
You bring me
You bring me relief.


I don’t see myself as anything more than I am
Without you I can’t see all the good you see in me.
So why do you give all you have to me?
You know I love your charity.

I can’t hear myself, all my words just let me down.
But you see through my wrongs to find the good in me.
So I slide away in search of peace,
That’s where I find your charity.

And I feel our life
Is slipping away from me
And all I see
Is you
You’re drifting away.

I don’t feel like myself any time when you’re not near.
I know our day will soon come, but that won’t chase away this fear.
So why?

I feel our life
Is slipping away from me
And all I see
Is you
You’re drifting away.

You know I love your charity.
You know I love your charity.

    Throwing It All Away

You came to me without warning,
You turned midnight to morning.
I was so eager to be yours,
To have someone to sail the same course.

I thought that I could do no wrong,
You were all I’d wanted for so long.
But I’m not the perfect one
Out of the two of us.

This is what I’ve waited for all my days,
So why does it feel like I’m throwing it all away?
I’m throwing it all away every day.

I’d tell you all of my mistakes
If I had the courage it takes.
But every time I get near,
I’m hit with fear and step on the brakes.

I tried to work out where I went wrong
I thought I’d find the answers in a song.
I’ll never be the perfect one
Out of the two of us.

This is what I’ve waited for all my days,
So why does it feel like I’m throwing it all away?
Throwing it all away every day.
Throwing it all away every day.

    Where the Silence Is

I can’t sleep some nights,
My eyes crave images and light.
Distractions invade my mind,
Colours, thoughts and shapes of every kind.

So I go to where the darkness is.

At night my mind is full of sounds,
Rushing winds, fat rain and crying hounds.
I explore the world through the noises in my head,
Until my thoughts turn to quietness instead.

So I go to where the silence is,
And when I’m there, you’re what I miss.
So I go to where the silence is,
And when I’m there, you’re what I miss.
Where the silence is.

    Break the Silence

Five hours have passed
Since I last heard
A simple “thanks”,
An empty word.
Since six o’clock
My ears have been numb,
There’s a fear here
I just can’t overcome.

My belly, chest and head
All sting.
My heart and soul
Explode and sing.

Break the silence,
Break the silence.

One word says love,
But it doesn’t say it loud enough.
This demon draws and sucks
The warmth right out of us.
This black surprise
Now has its nails in you.
We’ll fight it off together,
We’ll come through.

If you break the silence.
Break the silence.
Break the silence,
Break the silence.

    Leaving Song

If there’s one thing I want,
It’s to have you in body, not in font.
I’ve built up my substitutes,
I wheel them out for comfort when it suits.

Yesterday was just another day spent waiting,
Yesterday was the day that we let fate in.

Another day age goes by,
It’s the one thing between us and our life.
Time is all we have but it’s fleeting,
It keeps us apart, stops us meeting.

Yesterday was just another day spent waiting,
This is wasted time, it’s so frustrating


They say you don’t know
How hard it’ll hit you.
But take it from me,
There’s no escape once it’s bit you.
You move around in a place of no sound
Looking for comfort but there’s none to be found.
Got to look above to find
Someone that you love.

I wonder what you would say
If you’d not run away that day.
I wonder what you would be.
Would you be anything like me?

Even now I’m still hiding
From what I want to say.
Trying to write ten years in a three minute song,
Can’t do it, no way.
Take a deep breath.
I’ve got something to say,
And you’re not getting away this time.

I wonder what you would say
If you’d not run away that day.
I wonder what you would be.
If you’d be anything like me.

I wonder what you would say
If you’d not run away that day.
I wonder what you would be.
If you’d be anything like me.

    Sky Lights

It’s an ink-black night,
And the air is thick with heat.
See the last star die,
And to the clouds admit defeat.

Hidden away for another day,
As the black rain pours over me.

Lightning crackles through the sky,
Burns its path upon my eye.
Thunder shakes me, the smell awakes
The stirring soul inside.

The bright lights in the night sky return,
Behind the clouds a million stars burn.
A million stars burn.

A grand amber sun on the horizon.
The air fills with colour
Light has won.


Beeman, Beeman,
Does whatever a hornet can.
Stings your nose in the park,
Catches thieves in the dark.

Beeware! There goes Beeman!

Is he strong?
I’ll bet you money.
He’s got radioactive honey!
Can he fly?
Yes he does!
Take a look, overheard!

Beeware! There goes Beeman!
Beeware! There goes Beeman!

January 26th, 2007
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The carnival begins!

I promised I would do more to promote the site and share that traffic with other bloggers, and here’s the first step of that process: the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers!

In case you’re a little unsure, a blog carnival is a collection of posts from different authors on the same topic. Think of it as a magazine – there’s a deadline and an editor, and everyone who wants to get involved submits their articles. The carnival is then published online with links to the articles, and participants read, write and share their thoughts with each other. It’s really a very communal occasion, and always turns up lots of interesting reading material.

The Carnival of Video Game Bloggers starts on February the 19th, right here at The Collected Writings of James Newton. For more information, and to submit your articles or offer to be a host, I recommend using the carnival’s homepage, which you can find here.

I hope you submit your article and come back to enjoy the carnival on the 19th of February!

January 21st, 2007
Blog Entry

Landgraff United vs. Atletico Osasuna

Miguel Trincado Settier’s rising stars take on the experienced Spanish strong hands in the first elimination round of the Konami Cup. Forced to rest regular keeper Curtis and midfield inspiration Delgado, how will Settier‘s partly reshuffled team fare in the pressure cooker of the second round?

An early passage of play in the fourth minute saw Peter Lewbrant threaded into the penalty area by strike partner Binoth Rooijmans, but opposition keeper Sanzol saw the danger early and intercepted the pass. Lewbrant was put through again less than five minutes later when Rud Risum‘s vision caught the striker unmarked in the box, but the referee’s assistant raised his flag with a controversial decision that brought hoots of displeasure from the home fans. TV replays showed Lewbrant‘s right leg had strayed just beyond the last defender, justifying the decision.


Pierce found himself free on the left with ten minutes played and checked inside before taking a fierce shot at goal that looked nearer than it actually was. Although a formidable striker of the ball, even Pierce would have been fortunate to see such an optimistic shot swing into the net.

Kevin Karkfeld had impressed in the previous game and so won another starting place, and was unlucky not to put his team ahead early on. A magnificent turn on the edge of the box put him clean away from his marker, but his right-foot shot was rather tamely hit and Sanzol pushed it around the post for a corner. Rooijmans shouted at the youngster, gesticulating at his feet as he was some eight yards out, unmarked and rather more of a natural goalscorer than Karkfeld.

Not all the action was around the Osasuna goal, however. Sorensson almost landed his team in all manner of trouble when a soft pass to the Dejesus was intercepted by Aloisi, but he was unable to control the ball and it bobbled away from him for a goal kick.


LGU quickly broke down the other end and when Rud Risum picked the unmarked Prince out in the box with a chipped ball the LGU fans rose as one. Prince‘s first header ballooned upwards, buying the Osasuna defence time to bring numbers back and clear the danger. Sighs and groans rippled around the fans; the atmosphere in the stadium was different today, not one of patient hope but impatient expectation. After the last two excellent displays LGU fans’ hope has given way to belief that this year they have the quality.

They endured a nervous thirty seconds as Osasuna had three real chances, all caused by poor passing play from LGU defenders, but thankfully for the increasingly frazzled supporters Dejesus was bright and aware in his first start to take care of the danger.

The half-time whistle did little to calm the supporters’ nerves. For the first time this season, I heard derisive whistles in the LGU Arena, and so set about to interview some of the fans to see what they thought of their team so far.

“Fans are unrealistic”

“I think we’ve had the better of the game, we haven’t had many clear chances but with the players we’ve got all it takes is a Lewbrant shot or a Rooijmans header and it’s 1-0,” self-entitled überfan Sean Landgraff told me.

When I asked him about the boos at half-time, he replied “I think all the press attention we’ve been getting has boosted our profile and maybe now we’re getting a few more non-fans at the games, people who expect three goals a game. We’re a small club on a cup run, you know? Let’s be realistic here.”

The boos were quieter but still noticeable when the teams took to the field for the second half. The real jeers, however, came when Rooijmans finally shook off his marker and burst into the penalty area. With Rud Risum and Peter Lewbrant both free and waiting for a pass, the referee mystifyingly blew his whistle to signal a free kick to Osasuna, making a pushing movement. The whole stadium seemed to sigh and throw its arms in the air at such a bizarre decision.

LGU had their clearest chance of the day when Lewbrant found himself in half a yard on the edge of the box and let off one of his increasingly-famous right-foot shots, but somehow an Osasuna defender got across to cover. The rebounding ball fell to Prince, and his cross fizzed across the six-yard area just inches above Rooijmans‘ desperate leap. The fans’ reaction told you they were beginning to believe it just wasn’t their day.

In the 80th minute, this feeling swelled. The usually strong defensive team of Adinolfi and Hoogstrate were nowhere to be seen as Aloisi was put clean through, and not even Dejesus‘s sprint and lunge could prevent him from trickling the ball into the empty goal for 0-1.

When the whistle blew the boos had disappeared, replaced by stunned silence.

Landgraff United 0 – 1 Atletico Osasuna

Blog Entry

R.C.D. Espanyol vs. Landgraff United

R.C.D. Espanyol 0 – 3 Landgraff United

LGU progressed to the next stage of the Konami Cup this evening with a commanding 3-0 victory against Spanish champions Espanyol.Lewbrant's stunning free kick

As early as the 10th minute, Rooijmans stole a yard from his marker and confidently slotted across the face of goal to take his team into the lead. Ten minutes later, his strike partner Peter Lewbrant perfectly showed his team’s “never say die” attitude by pressing the Espanyol fullbacks, pinching the ball in the eighteen-yard box and pushing it past the goalkeeper for two-nil.

LGU’s momentum builds

Landgraff United totally dominated the first half, deflating their opponents’ attacks resulting in a very impressive zero shots on goal for the home team. Miguel Trincado Settier‘s pairing of Hoogstrate and Adinolfi in central defence has been the rock of his team’s recovery from that disappointing early defeat in the first game; with strength, awareness and good communication, this is a first-rate defensive partnership that Settier will do well to keep hold of. With growing crowds and interest in LGU’s Konami Cup, it is surely a matter of time before a more wealthy club comes in with a generous bid for one – or both – of these two.

After the restart LGU came out as they had finished the half, putting pressure on the opposition and challenging for every ball. Unfortunately Lars Jonsson got a little carried away, resulting in a booking for a rash challenge in the 64th minute.
Despite all their good play, LGU didn’t have this game all their own way, and with fifteen minutes to go David Garcia brought down first-time starter Marcel Vanderzyppe. Vanderzyppe was immediately stretchered from the pitch and played no further part in this game; after the game, physios revealed he had torn a hamstring and will be out for eight weeks, ruining his Konami Cup after just an hour and a quarter of play.

Settier’s risky move

With Vanderzyppe injured and an already-weakened bench, Settier was forced to bring William Pierce onto the pitch, despite intentionally resting him from this game to allow him to recuperate. This proved a smart move on Settier‘s part, but had LGU failed to qualify having had their most influential midfielder available but rested, surely Settier would be feeling the heat from the LGU fans.

Back on the pitch, the resulting free kick was some thirty or more yards from goal, and with set piece man Vanderzyppe off the field, LGU were forced to improvise. Delgado tapped the ball across to Lewbrant, who unleashed a wicked curling right-foot shot that totally deceived Kameni in the Espanyol goal, hitting the net inside the top-right corner: another great goal from this rapidly-developing forward, putting him joint second in the competition’s top goalscorer list.

At 3-0 up, LGU were cruising, although four serious goalscoring opportunities within seven minutes proves there was no slacking. Lewbrant's joySettier has done well to instill a tremendous attitude in his squad, who kept playing right until the final whistle signalled their passage into the elimination stage of the Konami Cup.

It’s been said before, but with a well-rested team on form, LGU could certainly challenge for the top honour in this competition. Finishing second in their group, LGU now come up against Atletico Osasuna in the quarter final stage.

Quarter final: Landgraff United vs. Atletico Osasuna

Blog Entry

Landgraff United vs. Somesterrine

LGU’s cup campaign was fully back on track today after an impressive 3-0 win against highly-fancied French team Somesterrine.

The enormous noise of the loyal Landgraffites made the LGU Arena a foreboding place for the travelling fans, and within just two minutes the massive stadium was even louder, as fan favourite Binoth Rooijmans capitalised on an early defensive error to curl a shot around the keeper from close range.

Seven minutes later his strike partner Peter Lewbrant had doubled the advantage with another impressive strike. Closed down by two defenders on the edge of the box, Lewbrant still managed to squeeze a shot from outside the box between the two and around the diving keeper.

LGU’s dominance was telling for the next twenty minutes, as they pulled their opponents’ defence around searching for an opening. They nearly scored a spectacular third; Janot in the Somesterrine goal was clearly confused when Steen Rud Risum‘s long-range shot bobbled off the pitch, but his relief was obvious when the ball came back off the base of the post.

Patrick Curtis had little to do but receive the ball from the ballboys following a few unconvincing attacks from the visitors, the most troubling coming in the 34th minute when Hellebuyck struck, but Curtis was equal to it.

Going in at 2-0 up, LGU coach Miguel Trincado Settier must have been on cloud nine, but would have been fuming when Fernando Adinolfi received a yellow card for a reckless tackle from behind on the troublesome Hellebuyck, who had a good chance from the resulting free kick that Curtis was glad to see pass the goal. Adinolfi continued to walk a tightrope for the remainder of the game before being wisely substituted in the 75th minute.

Settier’s shouting from the touchline must have spurred on his players as they built up another attack. Jonsson and Sorensson linked up well before feeding William Pierce on the edge of the box, whose crisp low shot skimmed past three defenders and into the bottom corner of the goal; 3-0 to a dominant Landgraff United.

LGU were satisfied with playing a defensive game for the remainder of the match, confident that their three vital points in this group stage were secure. At the back, Hoogstrate and Sorensson were strong and co-coordinated, and the famous midfield of Prince, Pierce, Delgado and Rud Risum made a magnificent showing with tireless running and playmaking.

Perhaps it could be Landgraff United’s year after all.

Next match: R.C.D. Espanyol vs. Landgraff United

January 20th, 2007
Blog Entry

Landgraff United newsletter

Continuing my hobby of writing about games, I decided to write a series of match reports following the exploits of the fictitious Landgraff United in Pro Evolution Soccer 4’s Konami Cup.

Landgraff United – LGU for short – is a team my friend Sean put together in an online football management game called HatTrick. He used to write team news on a forum, and it inspired me to do the same. I edited one of the game’s fictitious teams to match the kit, stadium and lineup of Landgraff United, then entered them into the Konami Cup. How did they fare? Read on!

Konami Cup 1st round.

Landgraff United vs. Real Betis.

Landgraff United‘s Konami Cup campaign got off to a disappointing start today with a heart-wrenching 2-1 loss to visiting Real Betis.

After falling a goal down in the 27th minute to a spectacular Oliveira diving header, LGU threatened the opposition penalty area numerous times, coming closest with a Lewbrant thunderbolt just before the half-time whistle sent the visitors in a goal ahead.

Coach Miguel Trincado Settier must have rallied the players at half time, as within five minutes the hosts were awarded a penalty right in front of their loyal supporters. Marco Hoogstrate decided to take over from regular set-piece expert Steen Rud Risum, and would have been disappointed to see his spot kick saved by Contreras in the Betis goal. However, LGU kept the pressure on and, after a quick cross from the right William Pierce popped up in the six yard box to head the ball straight across goal and inside the far post. The Landgraff Arena exploded; LGU’s celebrations in front of their own fans were ecstatic.

After the restart the game was a very scrappy affair with neither side holding onto possession too well. LGU applied some pressure to win a series of corners but failed to make use of them, and when Betis broke to the other end the defence gave away a needless foul. A quickly-taken free kick saw Betis ace Fernando sneak in around the back to tuck the ball away and make the game 2-1 in the 87th minute. Landgraff United’s loyal fans, so buoyant after their team’s equaliser, were now solemnly silent as the small group of Spanish fans celebrated.

Still optimistic

Despite a late chance for LGU the final whistle blew on the game at 2-1 to Betis. A disappointed Miguel Trincado Settier told me he was proud of his players despite the result.

“I thought we showed tremendous heart to get back into the game at 1-1 when we could have given up. We were unlucky with some of our chances, and I think we gave away a sloppy second goal, but sometimes things just don’t go your way. It’s just part of the game. We’ll be better-prepared for our second game next week.”

LGU now face an uphill struggle to qualify from Group 1, but hopefully coach Settier’s enthusiasm will rub off on his players in time for their next match against tournament dark horses Somesterrine.

Next match: Landgraff United vs. Somesterrine

January 16th, 2007
Blog Entry

The Great Games Experiment

Not, as you might be thinking, an excuse to play games non-stop until your eyes bleed but rather a social networking website mainly for people who play games. Think of it as a MySpace with even worse social skills, if you like.

Anyway, I actually think it’s a pretty good site. There are pages for games, developers, publishers and of course players, and anyone can contribute to game pages, creating them and adding content as they wish. Of course, if you’re just there to make friends there’s lots of provision for that too, with groups and friends list, just like any decent site.

I created a group for game bloggers called – in a very Jamesian twist of ingenuity – Game Bloggers. I thought it would be a good opportunity for other game bloggers to exchange links and build traffic, so if you’re a GGE member you can find the link here. If you aren’t a member but it sounds interesting, leave a comment (or email me) and I’ll be happy to send you an invite!

I’ll also be working harder on building links here and increasing my traffic, which seems to have dropped off a little this year. If you have a website you’d like me to publicise, let me know and we’ll exchange links.

Incidentally, today I started and finished my second soundtrack in two months for a documentary called “The Future of Farming.” Mixing rustic, lightly lilting acoustic guitar rhythms with gentle spacial synths it’s another string to my bow – scoring a documentary is hard, but I think I’ve done a good job. Expect samples in the coming days!

January 10th, 2007
Blog Entry


Originally starting life as Project Berkley – creator Yu Suzuki named it after the University of the same name because he liked it – Shenmue was one of the very first “go anywhere, do anything” kind of games that Sega termed Fully Reactive Eyes Entertainment.

An ambitious project that quickly became the most expensive video game of all time – possibly introducing the current trend for enormous budget games, but that’s another story – Shenmue tells the story of a Japanese teenager named Ryo Hazuki, who grows up in 1980s Japan.

Returning to his home and dojo one December day, he sees his father killed by a man wearing green Chinese robes. The man attacks Ryo, then leaves with a green mirror made of mysterious green stone. Waking up several days later, Ryo resolves to discover what happened that day and avenge his father’s death.

Shenmue is an awesome experience because it creates an involving and engrossing world through detail. You can pick up pens, notepads, turn lights on and off, collect toys, drink cans of pop (and win a prize!), train to improve your martial arts skills and so much more I can’t remember. Sections of Dobuita (the nearby town to Ryo’s home) were modelled on Dobuita St in Japan, and when you complete the game it’s possible to play through the game using that day’s real weather from the area. That’s how cool it is.

Part of the joy of playing Shenmue is that it’s unintentionally quite a funny game. The voice acting isn’t of the highest standard and although the script is wide – every time you have to fulfil a new objective you get new dialogue, which happens quite a lot in a game this size – you’ll hear certain phrases over and over again. In fact, one of my favourite ways to amuse myself is to use Shenmue dialogue in real life. Here are a few of my tips:

  • When asking a friend about a previous event, ask “what do you remember about that day?” If this fails to bring a response, prompt them with “that day the snow turned to rain.” This always helps.
  • If someone asks what you’re looking for, tell them you are looking for sailors, or a man named Charlie. He has a tattoo on his arm.
  • Whenever drinking, always finish with “oo-ahh… good” and look at the can, bottle or cup. This will never get old, even if you do it every time you have a drink over the course of six years or so.

Shenmue is vast and unfortunately unfinished. Shenmue II is available on the Xbox but I don’t think it’s quite as good as the first one as it doesn’t have the same feeling of being able to explore a small area; it’s rather larger, and the environment is less appealing to me as it’s set in built-up Hong Kong, rather than rural Japan. Still, it’s worth getting if you find it – 2 for £20 from Gamestation as well, you’ll be pleased to know.

What do you love about Shenmue?

January 3rd, 2007
Blog Entry

A little news post

Okay, so the first post of the year isn’t exactly a classic, but it’ll just clear a few things up and then we can dive into the content proper as soon as I write it!

  • Lots of people come here searching for a poem called “The Game“, by somebody who shares my name (that’s James Newton, by the way). Obviously this isn’t the right site, but it certainly matches all the key words. Anyway, if you’re here looking for the poem “The Game” by James Newton, and it’s about football, you actually want the tenth poem down on this page (link)
  • I’ll do my best to come up with some Wii Play tips, and there’ll be a short Wii Sports video soon!
  • I am the number one games expert in Malaysia according to MSN Live Search!
  • Thanks to my soundtrack work on Tanner, I’m now up on IMDB. Check it out!
  • This month’s issue of GamesTM has an excellent four-page feature on NiGHTS into Dreams, including an interview with the usually-reclusive Yuji Naka. He doesn’t say anything about Wii NiGHTS (the article does mention Air/Aero NiGHTS though), but there is an interesting revelation about the original Saturn analogue pad: the first person to hold the prototype was none other than Steven Spielberg.

That’s about all I can come up with at the moment. I can’t tell you my posting schedule over the next few weeks – I won’t be at work, but I’m going to my parents’ house for a week, so it could be quiet.

Oh yes, last thing – it’s my 23rd birthday next Wednesday, the 10th of January, hence the cool banner.

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