I have no idea what the horses pulling this Carnival eat, but they certainly do get a spurt on. It hardly seems five minutes since I channelled David Herbert, yet here we are with yet more of the very finest articles the world of videogames has to offer. So scrub up and let’s dive into the guts of the games world.

First up it’s Eclipse with an insightful post on the oft-overlooked Music of Gaming. I agree that these days we’re seeing more focus on graphics, but I do think we’re seeing much more focus put into creating fantastic, high-quality audio – Bioshock certainly springs to mind, as does Super Mario Galaxy. More music like that, please!

Controversy-courting magician Old Wizard is up next. Now, I’m strongly tempted not to include his submission this month, but everyone’s entitled to their opinion, so here is Old Wizard’s Top 5 Worst Gaming Consoles of All Time. I normally enjoy your posts, but this time you have done my family a great disrespect.

Next up, FitBuff posts about the American release of Wii Fit, in Nintendo Wii Fit Release Date (Preorder Here Now!)”. I’ve had WiiFit for a few weeks now and it is every bit as fun as you can imagine, and I tend to finish my workouts with a distinct sweat on and muscle pains, although the same can be said about my legendary multiplayer Bomberman sessions.

With GTA IV still in everyone’s machines, Ashok is taking a look at the old games violence debate, but with a refreshingly sensible approach. Make sure you read the article Rethink.: The Purported Video Games and Violence Link is A Load of Nonsense, particularly for the blood-curdling link to orange juice.

A new blogger has entered the Carnival! Welcome to Creep Colony, who runs “The #1 StarCraft & Starcraft 2 tips/tricks source, providing the latest news, downloads, maps, bots, strategies & cheats.” This is surely a site that’s going to go from strength to strength as Blizzard release more news, so make sure to head over to Starcraft II Information immediately!

Old-wizard again. Top 10 Hardest Games. Still not forgiven.

A double whammy now from Amanda Harris, who posts a thought-provoking article about Internet safety before relaxing you again with some online Backgammon. You could do it the other way of course but I wouldn’t like to predict the effects. Allowing Your Children to Go Online with Video Games? and Relax with Some Online Backgammon are both posts at eFamilyBlogger. Thanks, Amanda!

Lots of new bloggers this month! The next submission speaks for itself, so it’s over to you, Blue Sunshine! “GTA4 is already under fire from one columnist, claiming that it deserves an “X rating” (not AO mind you). However, his willingness to jump to conclusions is unjustified due to the fact that he hasn’t even played the game. Also a humorous look at others who may complain about the game in the future.” I couldn’t have put it better myself. Grand Theft Auto 4 Already Causing Controversy is a corker.

Old Wizard. Top 5 Worst Video Game Related Websites of All Time. So much anger.

Alvaro Fernandez is here! I love you Alvaro. You make me feel enlightened yet humble at the same time. Exercise Your Brain in the Cognitive Age is a post about “Key questions on Brain Training that politicians, health policy makers, business leaders, educators and consumers should pay attention to.”

Now we have doublehack with Shadowbox 360 Review: Façade posted at DOUBLEHACK?!, saying, “Facade is a game featuring a Natural Language Processor, meaning it attempts to understand your normal speech. It’s impressive, but basically a novelty.” An interesting specimen to tackle doublehack – I approve!

My early favourite Eclipse rounds out this month’s Carnival with a post about my very most beloved Sonic the Hedgehog, with The Revival of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic Unleashed is still looking amazing to me and I’m sure it’ll do brilliantly, and hopefully you all agree.

Thank you very much to everybody who submitted to this month’s Carnival – it was brilliant to see so many people contributing well-written and interesting articles on such a diverse range of topics. Don’t forget to submit for next month’s Carnival on the Carnival homepage, and come back next month for even more Carnival of Video Game Bloggers!

Oh, and we also have these from David Herbert…

See you next month!