Our beloved pet hamster, Mitzi, died this morning. We think she suffered a stroke – her mouth was very wet and she found it very difficult to walk straight or, later on, just stand up. We gave her lots of attention and said our goodbyes at around 1am today, and when I went to see her at 9:30 she was lying on her side by her bed.

She was the cutest, sweetest hammy in the world and we both miss her madly already. Even though she was only a part of our lives for about five months she brightened every single day and brought so much love and happiness to both of us. From waving her bum in the air when getting into bed to chewing toilet rolls whilst still in them, she was as unique a hamster as we are as people and she won’t ever be replaced or forgotten.

Here are my favourite photographs of Mitzi. I hope she’s okay where she is now.

I’m singing “Mitzi, the Sweet Little Hammy” by Hannah and James, from The Best Album Ever.