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March 31st, 2010

Round Table: Mario’s Past and Future

Can we foresee the plumber hanging up his overalls?

As we leave March 2010, it's with deep sadness we also have to kiss goodbye to MAR10 Month. We've had podcasts, reviews of classic outings, high scores and plenty of discussion over the plumber's titles. What is it about Mario that draws such passion from Nintendo fans? We sat down to chew the fat and ask – and hopefully answer – the burning Mario-related questions.


At least two words of that last tweet might get me some rather choice followers.

Cooking fajitas to Prince's amazing and filthy "Horny Toad". Listen here, Spotify users

I've successfully locked myself out of all my major accounts. Amazing.

Remember I changed all my passwords earlier? I've forgotten them already.

RT @nintendolife: News: New Jett Rocket Shots Blast Off This game looks seriously amazing for WiiWare. Take note!

New Jett Rocket Shots Blast Off

WiiWare to receive its best-looking game yet

Shin'en Multimedia has already proven its ability at creating great-looking and addictive WiiWare titles, with the superb Art of Balance available now, but the company looks set to exceed its own high standards, as these new shots of Jett Rocket show.


This convinced me to change all my passwords (finally) - read it!

March 30th, 2010

Advance Wars Reaches New Levels of Boardom

Take the fight to your tabletop

We all love a bit of Advance Wars: on the sofa, on the bus and probably even on the loo. But on the table, with cards and counters instead of buttons and bleeps?


March 29th, 2010

Review: Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A.

Sample the sweet taste of crime

If you weren't interested in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars but still hanker for some big city crime drama, you might be drawn to Gameloft's latest DSiWare release, Gangstar 2: Kings of LA. Taking the GTA template to a download title and offering it all for 500 Points should be a pretty sweet deal, but once you've spent a while with the game you develop a bitter taste in your mouth.


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