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June 30th, 2011

Talking Point: The Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D Save File Debate

Is a single, permanent save file ever enough?

Capcom's decision to limited Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D to a single immortal save file has drawn plenty of discussion recently. It's a big issue, and one that deserves another look.


Have just learnt it's possible to be older than your own Auntie or Uncle. It took a lot of explaining but I finally get it. I think.

Talking Point: Share Your Best Kinect Fun Labs Content

The launch of Kinect Fun Labs at E3 came at a pretty busy time in the gaming industry and you may have neglected it until now, but we've got a great reason for you to fire up the free Xbox Live download — to show off your best creations to the world!


European 3DS eShop Gets 3D Trailers Tomorrow


Earlier this month we invited you to share your thoughts on Europe's 3DS eShop content, particularly the disparity between North American video content and that available across Europe. As always you did not disappoint and your voices were heard, as from tomorrow you'll be able to watch 3D game footage on the eShop.


Just had an idea that might radically increase my workload but also become something awesome. Really hope it works out.

European DS Fans, These Are Your Big Games of 2011

Another release list incoming

While the 3DS is receiving most of the limelight, there are still a few interesting titles heading to DS in Europe over the coming months, as Nintendo Europe's most up-to-date release schedule shows.


I need to buy a tuxedo.

Apparently @goldenjoysticks is following me now. Am I about to get an award? "I'd like to thank all my family and colleagues..."

Kinect “More Accurate Now Than at Launch” says Microsoft

Getting better all the time

It's official: Microsoft has boosted Kinect's accuracy in the past six months.


SOCOM Fan Petitions Zipper for Better Sharp Shooter Controls

You can help too

SOCOM: Special Forces (or SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs to some) is designed to work with PlayStation Move and the Sharp Shooter, but there's still some room for improvement in the game's controls. Movemodo user Michel Filipe has begun petitioning Zipper Interactive to make some improvements, and he needs your help.


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