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January 30th, 2010

TMF are showing the amazing modern classic "Glitter" starring Max Beesley, Mariah Carey and her enormous acting talent.

Review: Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep

What lurks beneath?

2007’s Endless Ocean was a true original: a diving game that made little attempt to be a game, basing most of its gameplay around just touching fish. As part of the Touch Generations range it clearly appealed to enough aspiring divers to merit a sequel, but it’s certainly changed from the inviting warm waters of the Manaurai Sea.


January 29th, 2010

Great news post from BBC - that last line is a cracker!

Woke up today thinking it was February 4th. No Half-Minute Hero demo for me. Back to sleep for another week then!

January 28th, 2010

Review: Last Flight Bloodies Up Facebook

If you're in the market for a bloody good time on WiiWare (groan) you're probably looking forward to Bloober Team's Last Flight, the cartoon-style slasher due out in the near future. Well, you'll probably also be interested in the launch of its new official Facebook page, which just launched today.


Review: Excitebike Screeches to Europe Next Friday

The wait is just about over

Lucky US gamers have been carving up the dirt in Excitebike World Rally for months now, but there's now a confirmed date for European gamers to join the fray - February 5th. With Eco-Shooter 530 releasing tomorrow and now Excitebike (newly subtitled World Challenge in Europe), it's a good time to be a WiiWare fan.


Review: Interviews: NinjaBee’s Brent Fox

Co-owner talks Amazing Brain Train, WiiWare and more!

With The Amazing Brain Train now available across the US, we had a chat with Brent Fox, NinjaBee's Art Director and co-owner. What does he make of WiiWare, and what are NinjaBee's goals for 2010? Here come your answers!


January 27th, 2010

Review: Get Your Game Faceez On

DSiWare title revealed, screenshots reveal silliness

We're all for a little visual mischief here at Nintendo Life, so when Neko Entertainment wanted to bend our ear about their upcoming download title Faceez we had a devilish little grin on our collective face. Here's what their press release has to say for itself:

Neko Entertainment, a leading independent video game developer and publisher, announced today the upcoming release of Faceez creative photo suite. Marking Neko Entertainment’s debut into the category and designed exclusively for Nintendo DSiWare™, Faceez allows you to personalise, mix and decorate your photos with a huge range of the funniest accessories and craziest animations to share online with friends.


"Google Chrome now has extensions" - I hope it doesn't have a StumbleUpon toolbar or I'll never write another word for @nintendolife :\

BBC News: "Susan Boyle disturbs home intruder." Playing her CD is obviously a great crime deterrent.

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