About James

I’ve been playing games since I was about seven or eight I suppose, when I first saw Sonic running.

About The Collected Writings of James Newton

This website has been around for a long time – over ten years, in fact – but in 2005 I introduced a blog to the site to move away from my free MSN Space, which I’d been using as a blog for games thoughts and so on.

I was getting increasingly annoyed at the way I separated aspects of my life and creativity, so decided it would be better to include it all in one site. I couldn’t think of a witty title that said “this is everything I’ve done”, so I decided on “The Collected Writings of James Newton”. It’s a bit boring so it fits me fine.

I like embracing folly, different aspects of yourself and the promise of good intentions – the (accidentally deleted!) Virtual Tour is a good example of this. I have creative writing here, music, photos, videos and all sorts of things.