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March 30th, 2012

Just finished Bowser's Inside Story. Enjoyed it a lot but Superstar Saga is definitely better. That's official.

So today's tip would definitely be "don't carry scissors in your mouth"...

SEGA Cans Games, Focuses on Big Name IPs

Blue sky gaming

SEGA has revealed it will cancel games and focus on sales-proven IP in the future.


Awesome game, disappointing sales. Deserved better! RT @Slapshot82: @DaddyNewts Binary Domain still has me on a SEGA high at the moment!

But then the SEGA I knew haemorrhaged money like nobody's business. Hoped Nagoshi's appointment as CCO would mean more new games, not less.

SEGA cancels new games in favour of running IPs into the ground: Sonic, Football Manager, Total War. That's not the SEGA I knew.

Suddenly I need this Shenmue hoodie more than anything else in the world

March 29th, 2012

Journey is PSN’s Fastest Selling Game Ever

And rightly so

PSN masterpiece Journey is the fastest-selling game ever to hit the service.


Really good Gamasutra article about Super Mario Bros.' release date. I've tried pinning it down myself: it ain't easy!

People moaning they can't hang out in game shops any more tend to be adults, I've noticed. Funny, that.

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