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October 31st, 2010

You must see this!RT @movemodo: News: Start the Party's Japanese Box Art is Truly Amazing #psmove #ps3

Last Flight Gameplay Footage Lands at Long Last

Mythical WiiWare game appears

In development for years, Last Flight has been rather quiet of late, but Bloober Team has just been in touch to send over the latest gameplay footage and promotional artwork for the game with a short update on its status.


Start the Party’s Japanese Box Art is Truly Amazing

Check out the other updates

Whilst we Western PlayStation owners sometimes get a raw deal when box art makes the trip from Japan – just ask anyone who picked up an American Ico – it's not always a one-day street, as evidenced by this amazing Start the Party! box art from the Far East.


Bargains of the week: picking up Endless Ocean 2 and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity for £2 each.

Rumour: Kinect Adventures Disc Loaded with Demos

Try out new titles with pack-in game

Everybody who buys Kinect will get Kinect Adventures, but there might be a hidden surprise in the game as well, with current rumours pointing to the disc containing three playable demos.


October 30th, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops Wii to Get Online Co-Op and Zombie Modes

Activision interview opens up

Call of Duty: Black Ops on Wii has been shrouded in secrecy for months, with next-to nothing concrete revealed, but now the game's senior producer Anna Donlan has spilled the beans on what gamers can expect on November 9th.


Step to the Oche with Top Darts on PlayStation Store

PDC Darts is coming to PlayStation Move next month, but it's not the only corkboard title on the way to the controller, as Devil's Details has just announced Top Darts is on the way to PlayStation Network around Christmas time.


RT @segafusion: First Sonic Colours figures spotted on Argos website (also contains Black Knight and Metal Sonic!) -

The marvelous KK Slider in all his guitar glory. Thanks to @nintendolife for the tip!

More classic messages we get! RT @nintendolife: Features: Bizarre Emails Sent to Nintendo Life - Volume 2

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