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May 31st, 2011

Watching the amazing Four Lions. Best British film of the past... Forever?

Chicken and ribs for dinner, then homemade caramel shortbread. You're right to be jealous.

Trimount Makes a PS Eye, Kinect and Wii Sensor Bar Megazord

Combine, transform!

Real fans of motion controlled gaming often struggle for vital space around the TV area: with your PlayStation Eye, Kinect for Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii sensor bar all in one place, wouldn't it be great to combine them into a massive Megazord of black plastic motion-sensing?


Playing Aya and the Cubes of Light on #WiiWare. Decent gravity-based platform puzzler.

Surprised @SEGA hasn't announced #Kinect and #PSMove support for London 2012. Hopefully in the works, right guys..?

Kinect, PlayStation Eye and Wii All Mount Your TV

Why change?

CTA Digital's Kinect wall mount and TV clip lets you easily switch between the sensor and Sony's PlayStation Eye for PlayStation Move, but if that's just too much like hard work — or you have a Nintendo Wii too — then dreamGear's Trimount might be for you.


DS Lite Drops to $99 in US, Mario DS Games Go Red

Curious time for a price drop

Like an end of level boss that refuses to be beaten, the DS Lite is still available brand new in the US, where its recommended retail price is about to drop to $99.99. The best-selling console will see its cost cut this Sunday, 5th June, just two days before Nintendo's E3 press conference.


GamesPress has opened its #E32011 area. IT STARTS.

Sony: Full PSN Service to Resume This Week

Includes the Store

Your time without being able to buy new games from the PlayStation Store is about to come to an end: Sony has confirmed the full PlayStation Network experience will return by the end of the week.


Call of Duty Elite seems to offer most of the stuff Halo players have been getting free for years.

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