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August 31st, 2011

Another evening of #goldensun? Don't mind if I do!

In others it's horribly stereotypical and borderline offensive.

Watching Confetti. In places it's a surprisingly realistic and touching portrayal of love and marriage, which is a wonderful thing.

I should clarify I meant portable games, 3DS etc. as I'm not lugging my TV all the way down to deepest darkest Nottingham!

Next week me and the rest of the @nintendolife team are getting together for drinks and games. What multiplayer games should we play?

Why does Kinect Sports: Season Two's PEGI rating keep changing? First it was 12, then 7, now it's 3. Have they taken swearing out? :(

Searching a game title and a photo of me turned up. Erp.

The Gunstringer Demo Now Available for Download

Fire it up

We're a few weeks from the launch of long-awaited Kinect shooter The Gunstringer, and now you can try before you buy with a free demo available now on Xbox Live Marketplace.


One of the best tracks I've heard in a long time Nural – Physics @bornonfire

3DS Ambassador Certificate Will Keep You Informed

Free video launches tomorrow

Nintendo is about to throw a whole bunch of free games at you tomorrow — here's the free NES 3DS games for North America — but many of you are already looking ahead to when the Game Boy Advance games will launch later this year. While that date is as-yet unspecified, Nintendo is preparing to launch a download to inform you exactly when they're out.


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