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March 9th, 2020
Blog Entry

My 100 most-played songs of the 2010s

I like listening to music, and I also like statistics about listening to music.

What were my most-played songs of the previous decade, and what do they say about me?


March 8th, 2020
Blog Entry

Playlist of the week: 8th March 2020

Hannah guessed it within about 10 seconds. Good vibe though.

Last week’s playlist theme was: Leap Day! You might ask how Ja Rule and Dinah Shore fit in. Well, they were both born on 29th February, of course (Ja Rule just had his 11th birthday!)

More next week!

March 1st, 2020
Blog Entry

Playlist of the week: 29th February 2020

The playlist-with-a-theme guessing game!

This day comes but once every four years. Any guesses of the theme?

Last week’s playlist theme was: modes of transport. I was very proud to have two transport-related songs by Bryan Ferry!

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