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September 30th, 2010

Download the Soundtrack for Dive: The Medes Islands Secret

For free, of course

Dive: The Medes Islands Secret is one of the better games to have arrived on WiiWare so far this year: a submarine blend of exploration and action, it's sold well enough for Cosmonaut Games to want to say thank you with the release of the game's complete soundtrack.


Nintendo Release Schedule Outs Mario Party 2, Super Bonk and More

Virtual Console still twitching

It's very rare to get any kind of heads-up for what's coming to Virtual Console, but this release schedule from Nintendo's Netherlands office contains a few surprising treats for the year ahead.


RT @C3Mike: My first review just went online for @movemodo - EyePet: Move Edition. Feel free to read and comment! :)

2011 Release for 3DS is a Move to Avoid Stock Shortages

Seems a smart decision

The pre-conference buzz around 3DS was for a release in Japan late this year, with Nintendo's share price jumping hugely at a rumour the machine would launch in October for ¥18,000 (around $215/£136/€157), though that news turned out to be the Mario edition DSi XL.


Hope You Look This Good Playing John Daly’s ProStroke Golf

The Lion shows us how to Move

Just yesterday we brought you news of John Daly's ProStroke Golf's release date, and now we have these killer photos of the Lion himself getting to grips with his own game.


WayForward Not Working on A Boy and His Blob for 3DS After All

But is another studio?

Back in June, when the 3DS was revealed, Nintendo released a long list of games on their way to the system, with Majesco's A Boy and His Blob right at the top of the list (alphabetically speaking, anyway). Now developer WayForward has confirmed it's not currently working on the title, and that the announcement of the game was one big mistake.


Patched for Move: MAG

A huge line-up of improvements made

MAG is enjoying something of a resurgence lately, with a sizeable price drop in North America and now the launch of a brand new 2.0 patch adding plenty of new features, including support for PlayStation Move.


Happy 15th Birthday in Europe, PlayStation

Brand hits the moderately-sized 1-5

Well, it's a belated birthday: the first ever PlayStation was launched in Europe on September 29th, 1995. In the days before motion control, even before full analogue control, the PSX was still one of the most exciting console launches in history.


Ubisoft Reveals Driver and Splinter Cell Games for 3DS

Screenshots inside

Cast your minds back to E3 and that long list of upcoming third-party releases for 3DS: it's going to take a while for each of those games to be revealed, but Ubisoft's doing its part by showing off the first screenshots of Driver 3D and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 3D.


Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath Too Big for 360, Just Right for PSN

Size limits keep the game "exclusive"

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath looks as though it's coming along nicely on PS3, and currently that's the only platform able to contain the sheer size of the game.


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