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May 28th, 2010

RT @nintendolife Catch Pokemon Black and White in North America Next Spring - Nintendo Life: DS

Catch Pokemon Black and White in North America Next Spring

Update: European release also Spring 2011

It might be nearly a year away but Nintendo clearly wants to get the bandwagon rolling early for the next Pokémon game, announcing it's going to be released in North America in Spring 2011. Not only that, we also know two of the legendary Pokémon that'll feature in the game: Black owners can capture Reshiram and those who plump for White can catch the even more exotic-sounding Zekrom.


And of course it's #ff so check out the androidy @damienmcferran, the retro @jamie_ipodtouch, and the bald bouncer himself @darrencalvert!

I've just gone out and bought a 19" LCD monitor for my PC and gaming. It's really quite breathtaking.

Review: Telegraph Crosswords

Box clever

Last year Nintendo took a stab at the handheld crosswords market with Nintendo Presents Crossword Collection, and it did a decent job, with plenty of variation and a decent interface drawing in gamers who like to dabble in the occasional crossword. If Crossword Collection was the tutorial, Telegraph Crosswords is the final boss; every puzzle here is tough and satisfying, and at 500 grids you're looking at a stack of gameplay.


Review: Mario Jumps Over Flag, Ends Arguments Forever

Yes he can; no he can't. Yes he can; no he can't. Anyone who grew up with the NES will know this as the sound of the playground's "is it possible to jump over the flag?" argument that ran all over the world. Now those who were on the "yes he can" side should pick up their phones and ring old enemies to rub salt in the wound: Mario, in fact, can jump over the flag.


Gamestation raised over £54,000 last weekend for @childhospicesUK. We have a charity week starting Saturday so hoping to raise much more!

Review: Charles Martinet Shares Your Pain, Waluigi

Voice actor wants a game for the purple one

Wario, Luigi, Peach: they've all had chances to strike out on their own with games where they play the lead, but one character missing from the line-up is lanky misfit Waluigi, who's yet to receive his own game. At least one person sees the injustice in this situation: voice actor Charles Martinet, who sees the purple potential:

I'd love to see a Waluigi game where you have to cheat to win, ya know. That would be funny.

Mr Martinet made a similar remark to us in October, so it seems it's not an off-the-cuff idea but something he actually would like. Maybe he's voiced his opinion to Nintendo and they're thinking about it. Who knows? Speculation aside, you don't have to wait for a Waluigi game where cheating equals winning: certain staff here have made that an artform already.


Review: Lucky Australians, You Get Mega Man Zero Collection Before Europe

Only a day earlier, though

The great Gods of Australian game releases are a picky bunch: with one hand they taketh away Bejeweled 2, with the other they giveth Mega Man Zero Collection on June 10th.


No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle is out today, only £24.99 delivered too! Live chat with Suda51 at 12pm GMT too!

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