I took a mermaid, intending to return to our still-ablaze boat, but ’twas too late. On our new vessel, I spied a Reaper’s Chest not three minutes’ sail from the dock. With Helmsman Mathers also aboard, we set off for the bounty.

Hauling the chest aboard attracted some attention. A feisty ship began to pursue us, so we hauled anchor and made for the Reaper’s Hideout.

Iron crashed into our hull. With myself hammering planks, and Helmsman Mathers bailing, we hardly managed to stay afloat. I became dejected, but our helmsman’s famously cool head prevailed, and we persevered, keeping the Vicious Coward on its heading and even firing a few shots back at our assailants.

As the Reaper’s Hideout drew nearer, we found our bounty even more desired: a skeleton ship rose off our starboard, and another crew’s sloop also drew near. We were caught in the crossfire! I tried to board them and fell off the boat, while Helmsman Mathers bravely fought on alone.

Water rose up, fires danced on-deck, but we stayed the course. Our original pursuers, fancying to outrun us, peeled off to intercept us ahead, but we had no intention of coming second, and the wind in full billow blew us ever forward.

“Let our mighty hull crash upon the shore, so it may thunder across the Sea of Thieves and let all know this tale of The Vicious Coward!” is something Martin definitely said.

Our chasers pulled from behind and back into firing range, sending salvos into our hull. Balanced on the prow, chest in my hands, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes…

Our hull crashed and splintered on the rocks, propelling me over onto the island and racing towards the island’s lone inhabitant. I cashed in the chest, garnering a healthy five-and-forty doubloons, and Helmsman Mathers and I danced a merry jig as the unlucky crew sailed in circles, loosing their cannons in frustration.