I like listening to music, and I also like statistics about listening to music.

What were my most-played songs of the previous decade, and what do they say about me?

All this data is pulled from Last.fm, which is linked to my Spotify account. Some tracks on here were scrobbled directly through the Last.fm player. Not included are plays from CD, vinyl, or anything not connected to Last.fm, obviously.

 Song nameArtistNumber of scrobblesComments
1Dancing On My OwnRobyn250It had to be. I'm genuinely glad this is my #1 played song ever - it's an absolute masterpiece.
2FembotRobyn137This is also a very good song, albeit very much in the shadow of the one above.
3CitySara Bareilles107This is the live version from her first album, not the studio one from Little Voice. Good songwriting. Good enough to listen to a little under once a month for 10 years.
4ElementsA Fine Frenzy105Ah yes, another throwback from my early Spotify days. Solid drum intro, and moody piano and synth. When I started working from home at the start of the 2010s, I'd listen to this album and artist a lot. And it's strange; I thought I'd outgrown them, but listening again, there's a crashing strength that perseveres.
5AlexanderCharlotte Hatherley97For reasons unknown, this track's not on Spotify any more, but you can hear it on YouTube all the same.
6PhysicsNural94Nural is no more, a shame as this was a pleasingly upbeat rocker.
7Bad BoysAlexandra Burke (feat. Flo Rida)92I was at a games industry event once and saw Alexandra Burke, whom I greatly admired at a time, but I didn't have the confidence to ask for an introduction. Life's full of regrets.
8KayleighMarillion92Why so high? This used to be my go-to karaoke song, so I suppose I listened to it a lot at work for practice reasons.
9GravitySara Bareilles92Another from what you could generously call my "a woman with a piano is the purest form of music" period. Again, live, not studio.
10Amber SkySamantha James91Oh Samantha, what happened? Where did you go? You promise more music, and yet, alas your potential lies unfulfilled.
11Show Me LoveRobyn90Quite high for a bonus track you won't find on the standard CD; yes, it's not the original single, but a nicely stripped-back version from later on.
12Tonight We FlyThe Divine Comedy87A lovely composition: evocative, bittersweet.
13HaloBeyoncé85I am not a Beyoncé fan by any means. Why is this so high? Probably because a) it's a great song and b) it was on a work playlist, along with...
14BreakawayKelly Clarkson85Yep, another one I listened to a lot at work in times gone by.
15You Go Down SmoothLake Street Dive84Should be about 13 places higher. Always brings a smile to my face and gets my toes tapping.
16Nothing Happens for a ReasonHeartsounds79"How can I sum it all up in one song? A father's love from my very first breath"
A beautiful song, thrash rhythm and all.
17Waves of ChangeSamantha James79I wonder: if this song were added to Spotify nowadays, would I give it the time of day? Probably. Soothing in a generic sort of way.
18Maybe TomorrowSamantha James76Sam, really, it's time.
19SeptemberDaughtry74You know when you're younger and you think you've found great songwriting?
20Party in the U.S.A.Miley Cyrus7373 times in 10 years doesn't sound like a lot, but it certainly feels like it.
21With Every HeartbeatRobyn (feat. Kleerup)71I am shocked to see this outside the top 10, let alone top 20. A favourite, in all its anguish, all its pain, all its heart.
22Missing URobyn69This 2018 release is the newest song in my top 100, and as the opening track to Honey, no surprise it's so high up.
23Lungs QuickenLanterns on the Lake68Another album opener, from Lanterns' first album, Gracious Tide, Take Me Home, from when they did violins and ASMR instead of outspoken anti-Conservative sentiment and ebows.
24If I Ain't Got YouAlicia Keys65There's a duet version of this that used to play on Last.fm that I can't find elsewhere. IT had good harmonies.
25Now That I'm Real (How Does It Feel?)Chad Valley65Doot doot doot, doot doot; catchy intro this.
26You Got The LoveThe Source (feat. Candi Staton)65I love the way this sounds.
27GirlsLefty64You might know it from the Sugar & Spice soundtrack, but I know it from the Jet Set Radio soundtrack.
28Sea ShellsViolas64Another relic of my early Spotify days, when I presume I spnet my days listening to the same forty songs on repeat.
29IronWoodkid64Lump this one with the above category. Like many, I discovered this from an Assassin's Creed trailer.
30BiologyGirls Aloud63Samples "Club-a-Go-Go" by The Animals, of course, proving that genius steals.
31HoneyRobyn63Soul, sex, sadness, dissatisfaction; it could only be Robyn.
32CalgaryBon Iver62I couldn't tell you what this song sounds like without hearing it first. It's the eighth track from this album and I've no idea why it's higher than any other.
33Down Down DownCharlie Simpson62Nice fingerpicked guitar from that eyebrowed guy from Busted.
34Soak It UpHouses62There are so many bands called Houses. This is the downtempo indie duo from Chicago. The album cover for this is really appropriate.
35Keep On TryingLanterns on the Lake62More indie downtempo stuff, from our Hazel and the gang. The video's set in a bingo hall up North I believe.
36Walk in the SunMcFly62A fingerpick up there with Here Comes the Sun, and delicate lyrics to match.
37BulletproofLa Roux61Doot doot doot do doot do doot do doot, doot doot doot do doot do doot do doot,
doot doot doot do doot do doot do doot (a-nerrr-anerr-anerr)
38I'm YoursJason Mraz60Yes I really listened to this song 60 times, and probably 50 of those came in one year. Not something I'm proud of.
39Too Little Too LateJoJo60Unlike this one, which is a stone classic and a much-overlooked breakup karaoke classic.
40About You NowSugababes60I'm a bit over this now, but the intro still sounds really nice.
41Rental LoveLake Street Dive58What a discovery this band has been. Rachael's delivery of the outro is characteristically soulful. Still wish they'd done it when we went to see them live.
42You're Almost ThereLanterns on the Lake58Interesting to see this album split up: this is track 9 of 11, and we have 1 and 3 higher up. What about the others?
43Atletico (The Only One)Rae Morris58What a song! How pop music needs to sound. Plus, it's about watching someone dance, which earns bonus Robyn points.
44The Boys of SummerThe Ataris58Have you heard this cover? It's great.
45TelephoneLady Gaga feat. Beyoncé57I've no idea why. Presumably I liked it at the time.
46EclipseRobyn57Slow Robyn is not my favourite Robyn, obviously, but she shines here, whispering over a gossamer rhythm.
47Something Good Can WorkTwo Door Cinema Club57What men like me thought good music sounded like in 2010.
48Things Are Changin'Gary Clark Jr.56Pure cool.
49Baby Forgive MeRobyn56Hannah gets goosebumps when Robyn whispers, "baby forgive me".
50Still AliveLisa Miskovsky55A hangover from my game retail days.
51Forgive MeMissy Higgins55Heartfelt plea for forgiveness after infidelity, sung by a woman with a piano: very much my aesthetic in the early half of the last decade.
52Wait for the RainRae Morris55Would not have put this one so high up, myself, but neverthless, finely crafted pop music. Odd but endearing vocal "ee-yeah-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh"s.
53In My EyesRobyn55Robyn certainly presented a sound on this album. I used to run to this song.
54Time Will WaitSubmotion Orchestra55From the good, soulful, moody half of this album.
55New HeightsA Fine Frenzy54Looking back at this list is like musical clothing embarrassment: "Did we really wear that?" Yes, we did.
56The Minnow & the TroutA Fine Frenzy54OK, I know it might seem like I'm down on A Fine Frenzy, but it's intended more as mocking my own past taste.
57Beth/RestBon Iver54I unironically love the keyboard sound in this song.
58The Way It IsBruce Hornsby & the Range54Absolutely no idea. Great riff though.
59SatellitesSamantha James54You'd think after hearing a song 50 times, your brain would be able to replay it like an mp3, but for so many of these songs, I have to load up Spotify. Recognition, not recall.
60You'll Be MineThe Pierces54Good song this! I just learned that the glockenspiel in this song is played by the bassist from Coldplay.
61Sweet DispositionThe Temper Trap54Cool sound. I never went further though.
62Maybe I WishEmbrace53"Are we ready, are we rollin' Rick?" From the file-sharing days when gorging on b-sides and rarities from half a dozen bands was easier than discovering the new.
63I Could Never Take The Place of Your ManPrince53The single version is another perfect 3:41 of pop.
64Push Me to My LimitRae Morris53"We are in an age of losing". Bit harsh, Rae.
65Because It's in the MusicRobyn53That breathy rising staccato - "and it makes me want to cry" - is some of the best phrasing on this list.
66Kaleidoscope HeartSara Bareilles53Lovely harmonies, as you'd expect from a former a capella group member.
67ViennaUltravox53Another hangover from my early work days where I didn't have access to Spotify at work. But I still get goosebumps at that first chorus line.
68The World WithoutA Fine Frenzy51This kind of light and breezy piano pop doesn't appear on my list so much these days.
69Fight for This LoveCheryl Cole51What a tune this was when it first came out. I'd have liked her to do a more synth-heavy version; those intro chords are sparsely non-committal.
70I Heard It Through the GrapevineMarvin Gaye51There's nothing I can write about this song you don't already know. It's great.
71Paradise CircusMassive Attack51The opening tune to the TV show Luther, of course.
72SubconsciousSamantha James51More lazy, lounge-y, sunset tunes from Samantha James who, according to her record label bio, "has spent years honing her estimable skills as a modern-day singer/songwriter".
73Jimmy Mó Mhíle StórCara Dillon50Years ago, Amazon cocked up and sold some digital albums for 29p, and Cara Dillon's classic folk album Hill of Thieves was one of them. I like the tin whistle in this song very much.
74Hang with MeRobyn50The churning synth at the beginning is exactly what Cheryl Cole was missing.
75Human BeingRobyn50"I'm a human being" would be normal from anyone else, but considering Robyn's previous fembot persona, it's quite a transformation.
76She WolfShakira50Speaking of transformations! Hats off for the perfect use of "lycanthropy".
77Come On, Come OutA Fine Frenzy49Alison Sudol (aka A Fine Frenzy), like many artists, went away for a while. She came back in 2019 with the Moon EP. I might listen to it.
78Fire and RainJames Taylor49Atmosphere on tape.
79SteerMissy Higgins49Opens like a cheesy campfire singalong, before sinking into teen drama soundtrack territory at the chorus.
80Real GirlMutya Buena49Mutya, this was a tune.
81StarshipsNicki Minaj49Nicki, this was also a tune. Well done to you both.
82RebornRae Morris49Rae, you've done well here. I like the arpeggio opening, I like the drums, and I like the yelled "I am rebooooorn". Good job.
83MonumentRoyksopp (feat. Robyn)49Eight minutes of stormy morbidity from these lot.
84Shell SuiteChad Valley48From the Warm Bodies soundtrack, apparently.
85wavesMiguel48I remember falling in love with this song: the bridge ecstasy, the rise and fall sublime.
86AsStevie Wonder48Eight minutes of genius. Won't ever sound old.
87(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and HigherJackie Wilson47Hearing this in stereo for the first time was something of a revelation.
88Please Don't Leave MeP!nk47First part of a Pink double-bill, apparently. I've no idea why.
89Who KnewP!nk47This is clearly a better song than the one above (not that I particularly like either of them, mind)
90Jessie's GirlRick Springfield47Hannah loves this song. I like it too. I can already confidently say it will be on my most-played list in 10 years.
91Send to Robin ImmediatelyRobyn47Opening whispers, soon hardening soulfully, challenging.
92HoloceneBon Iver46Pleasing, ripe for parody: a rare combination.
93The Hill of ThievesCara Dillon46If the album was 29p, and I've listened to this song 46 times, I'd call that value for money.
94BattlefieldJordin Sparks46When I used to work at retail, I'd put together themed playlists for game launches. I think this one was used a lot.
95All the LoversKylie Minogue46Still smooth, soulful, and cool.
96Where I StoodMissy Higgins46Surprised that "Forgive Me" isn't on this list, as it's the best song off this album.
97Between the LinesRobyn46At first I didn't like the slightly dissonant chorus, but now I do.
98OrangeYoung Wonder46I don't think this song is about oranges, but I could be wrong, as I don't know what it's about.
99Electric TwistA Fine Frenzy45Pop sounds mask currents of manipulation.
100PerthBon Iver45Interesting that I've listened to this - the opening track from the Bon Iver album - one time fewer than Holocene, whih is track 3.

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