I’m wearing the same 33 clothing items for three months. I’m halfway through now – how’s it going?

That 33-item figure includes shoes, coats, and accessories, though for my purposes, I’m not counting my watch and bag as I only have one of each. Sleepwear and sportswear are also excluded, so my cycling gear is exempt. Otherwise, I tried to stick to the rules as closely as possible, including belts, ties, scarves, and hats in my 33-item total.

Before I started, I didn’t realise how many items of clothing I had; I suspect most other people don’t either. I’ve already written about this in my article How did I amass over 30,000 outfits?, if you want to read more about it.

I’m halfway through now, so how’s it going?

Getting started

Reducing 104 items to 33 wasn’t easy, but I Marie Kondoed the hell out of it. Dividing my clothes into three piles – to go out, to store, and to wear – made it more manageable, and I surprised myself by being able to get rid of clothes that excited me when I first bought them and that I’ve worn regularly since. But I knew I had to be ruthless, and so ruthless I was.

Here’s the new lay of the land.

 Previous numberNew number
Total items10433
Jumpers + outers276
Coats + jackets72
Suit jackets21
Suit trousers21

What’s going well

I’m wearing nicer clothes more often: fewer hoodies and t-shirts, more shirts and jumpers. This is especially true with shoes: although my high-tops have had most use, I’ve already worn my Oxfords more times this year than I did the whole of 2019.

Ironing takes less time. I love ironing, but with 14 shirts and 24 t-shirts, it took a while (this is also a win for my carbon footprint).

I don’t miss any of my clothes. There’s never been a time when I’ve thought, “Damn, I wish I had my striped hoodie/grey baggy trousers/purple tie.”

What’s not going well

I have some items I haven’t worn much, or at all. I put a tie in my wardrobe for meetings, and despite attending many (many) meetings, I haven’t worn it once. I’ve worn my beanie once. I could have used those slots for other items I’d wear more often.

Lack of variety of shirts. I’ve got two chequered shirts and three white shirts, alongside pale and dark blue ones: hardly a thrilling variety. I could have swapped a white shirt for a different colour, as it’s a bit rich to claim three different white shirts increase my number of outfit choices.

Will I keep at it?

I’m glad I did this: I dress better, and more quickly. Nobody’s commented on my appearance, either positively or otherwise, because nobody else cares what you wear.