While we've pretty much all realised Kinect will not be able to give us a great hardcore experience, it can still play a part in core titles through voice recognition. Kinect engineer at Rare, David Quinn, told Gamasutra we can expect a lot more speech recognition in future core games.

Talking about his experience on Kinect Sports and Kinect Sports Season 2When asked which challenges Kinect still had to overcome, Quinn said:

What I'd like to see and what we're investigating now is a more natural conversation way of talking to the Kinect, so you can say, "Hey, caddy, give me a five iron," or "Hey, caddy, what should I use now?"

We're looking at that now, improving the speech system, so I think that would probably be the one that I'm personally the most interested in, mainly because I did so much work with speech in Sports 2.

Quinn was also very impressed by the voice recognition in Mass Effect 3, and things it points to the future for Kinect:

I think from here on in you'll see a lot of speech in core games.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is just one upcoming core game that supports Kinect voice commands.