Since I started as Nintendo Life’s news editor in May 2010 our traffic has more than doubled. I won’t claim all the credit for this, but I have learnt a few things about how to make your site successful. Here are my tips.

Be Consistent

Whatever your posting schedule – hourly, daily, weekly – be consistent. Don’t leave your site barren for long periods of time and never, ever post to apologise for not posting more.

Be Realistic

Know what you’re capable of: don’t think you can create a Eurogamer-beater with two guys and a Blogspot account. Start small but know what you want out of it – there’s no shame in doing it just for fun.

Be Ambitious

Two guys and a Blogspot account can be all you need to get noticed. Aim high, hit high.

Be an Authority

Whatever your site is about, aim to be the best resource you can be. Nintendo Life reviews everything you can download for Nintendo consoles – WiiWare, DSiWare, Virtual Console and eShop games. We’ve launched other successful sites that review 100% of PlayStation Move or Kinect games. Know your chosen genre or console inside-out.

Be a Hard Worker

Growing your site takes a lot of time and patience, and there’ll be unthinkable setbacks. Get through them by working hard and maintaining your commitment.

Be Polite

PRs love it when you say please and thank you. Remember that.

Be Outgoing

Talk to other writers and editors online. Meet them at events – E3, Eurogamer Expo, GAMEfest. Learn as much as you can from them. At the very least you might make a few friends.

Be Respectful of Your Readers

A site is nothing without the readers who will come to trust you and your views. Listen to them, talk to them, serve them as best you can.

Be Excellent

Whatever your site’s about, make it entertaining or informative – hey, even both.