Leagues, islands, houses, valets and B-teams

All being well, next week we'll be able to access the 3DS eShop, hopefully creating an upsurge in the number of interesting handheld titles to download. Here's what's on the way this week for all you North American Nintendo Points-lovers.


FAST — Racing League (Shin'en Multimedia, 1000pts) — The latest downloadable outing from the team behind Jett Rocket and Art of Balance, this racing game blends F-Zero with Ikaruga to create something hopefully as brilliant as its inspirations. While waiting for our review to come around the corner, read our First Impressions: FAST - Racing League.

WiiWare Demo

BIT.TRIP VOID (Aksys Games, full version: 600pts) — The free samples of the BIT.TRIP journey continue with this slice of the third adventure. Read our BIT.TRIP VOID review alongside the demo for maximum information.

Virtual Console

Super Adventure Island (Super NES, Hudson, 800pts) — Just a few weeks after his appearance in Europe, Master Higgins hops across the Atlantic. Read our Super Adventure Island review to see if this one deserves a place in your VC collection.


House M.D. Globetrotting — Episode I (Legacy Interactive, 800pts) — The first of five slices of House M.D. action, with Legacy planning to publish one episode a month. The first instalment follows Henry, an aging television archaeologist who's more concerned about saving face than saving his own life. Our review will be up soon.