Mighty Milky Way and MDK 2 mark a good week

Certainly one of the stronger Nintendo Downloads in recent memory, today sees a new DSiWare game from Shantae: Risky's Revenge creators WayForward on the same day a well-respected classic hits WiiWare.


MDK 2 (Interplay, 1000pts) — Here are some words you don't often see in the Nintendo Download: this BioWare game was originally released on Dreamcast, and is now making its home on WiiWare. The adventures of gun-toting dog Max, mad Dr. Hawkings and sniper Kurt Hectic have attracted much critical acclaim, so hopefully the WiiWare translation will be just as good. Our review will let you know.


Mighty Milky Way (WayForward Technologies, 800pts) — A spiritual successor of sorts to Mighty Flip Champs, to find out more before our review you can read our Mighty Milky Way interview with WayForward.