Ink, birds, slingos and prisons

It's that time on a Monday again: here's the delicious downloadable delights dished out today, hoping to separate you from the numeric currency locked away within your DSi and Wii consoles.


Play with Birds (Games Farm, 500pts) — A mix of avian-themed minigames that takes you through the life of a cartoon bird that moves to a city, finds a partner and settles down, and all with nary a slingshot in sight. Look out for our review flying in this week.

WiiWare Demo

Fast Draw Showdown (Digital Leisure, full version: 500pts) — Try the "classic" full motion video-powered arcade shooter for free in your own home, then read our Fast Draw Showdown review and keep your Wii Points card in your holster.


Art of Ink (Sabarasa, 800pts) — A tattooing game from Sabarasa, the publisher behind the rather good Save the Turtles, this one has some interesting art design behind it at least. We'll bring you a full review in the near future.