Banishing the memory of last week's poor showings on the Nintendo Download, this week offers up a bumper crop of games, with Virtual Console, DSiWare and WiiWare all receiving fresh new games to play.

Virtual Console

Super Bonk (Super NES, 800pts) β€” A platformer so classic it's practically prehistoric, Super Bonk takes the bone-headed hero through another adventure full of dinosaurs, headbutts and tanks outside the Eiffel Tower. If this sounds like your cup of tea, our Super Bonk review will fill you in on the rest.


Planet Fish (Ludia, 500pts) β€” If the My Aquarium games were just too sedate for you, you might want to take a look at Planet Fish, a game in which you search the world's oceans to catch all the fish you like. We'll dive into this one and let you know if it's worth taking the plunge with a review this week, probably with better puns.


Absolute Baseball (Tasuke, 500pts) β€” Having seemingly exhausted its supply of simple games to translate into 200 Point titles, Tasuke takes on the big leagues with the 500 Point Absolute Baseball. You step into the shoes of a baseball manager, aiming to take your team of young hopefuls all the way to the top, without ever swinging a bat yourself. We'll see if this one strikes out with a review in the coming days.