CommanderVideo finally reaches the end of his journey as BIT.TRIP FLUX reaches WiiWare, casting a long shadow over this week's download.


BIT.TRIP FLUX (Aksys Games, 800pts) — Gaijin Games brings the BIT.TRIP series to a close with this sixth title, which contains plenty of elements fans of previous releases will recognise. Our BIT.TRIP FLUX review tips its hat to CommanderVideo's final appearance, and be sure to keep reading Nintendo Life for our BIT.TRIP retrospective in the coming days.

WiiWare Demos

Gods vs. Humans (Zallag) — A strategic title from French developer Zallag, this sells for a mighty 1200 Points in North America so the opportunity to dip into a free demo will be welcomed by many gamers. After you've taken on the mantle of deity in the demo, cast your all-seeing eye over our Gods vs. Humans review.