Faxanadu leads the charge

It's been two weeks since we last saw a Virtual Console game, which means it's time for another one, this time in the shapely side-scrolling form of Faxanadu on NES. There's also a couple of WiiWare demos and some DSiWare puzzle games of course, as well as headline WiiWare download... well, we won't spoil it.

Virtual Console

Faxanadu (NES, Hudson) – A classic side-scrolling RPG from the NES days, this is well worth 500 Points from anyone's account. Flick through the pages of our Faxanadu review to increase your wisdom statistic.


Remote Racers (QubicGames, 500pts) – A 3D racing game from the team behind AiRace, this could be well worth a look for gamers after a knockabout racer on the go. We'll strap ourselves into the drivers' seat and bring you a review later this week.