From Redmond with love

According to corporate thinking, today's the day you're supposed to show your special somebody how much you love them. That seems to be the thinking behind this week's Nintendo Download too, with the Big N showering you with the gaming equivalent of chocolate, roses and a Hugh Grant movie.


Pucca's Kisses Game (BigBen Interactive, 500pts) – A sweet platformer where the titular girl has to achieve her goal of kissing a ninja; it's that simple. Our Pucca's Kisses Game review chases after the ninja of information and plants a sloppy kiss of objective opinion on its cheek.

WiiWare Demos

Chronos Twins DX (EnjoyUp Games) – American gamers get to try out EnjoyUp's split-screen platform puzzler before putting down 1000 Points, so try out the trial and give our Chronos Twins DX review a once-over to flesh out your thoughts too.