Crazy comments from top dog

We could have had 3D gaming years ago, had Nintendo's experiments with the Virtual Boy, Famicom Disk System, GameCube and GameBoy Advance gone better. Does this frustrate President Satoru Iwata? Of course, but it also seemingly makes him hungry, if his comments in the latest Iwata Asks are anything to go by:

I don’t know if this is a very good example or not, but when you’re making hardware, it’s like you’re sitting in a conveyor-belt sushi shop staring at the various technologies as they pass by. As you’re watching, the moment comes when you say, “Agh! That’s what I want!” and suddenly you reach out and grab something. I think that’s what hardware development is like.

Shigeru Miyamoto joined in with the sushi theme:

You hesitate over sushi items you haven’t eaten before, and sometimes you get fooled. You snatch it up, but it’s no good.

We've tasted the 3DS and, like you, we're hungry for more. there'll be live updates next Wednesday, January 19th, letting you know when the 3DS restaurant is open for business and how much you'll be charged for a nibble.