Gaze into our crystal ball

Were you happy with how 2010 panned out? We're guessing many of you had at least one eye on the future, as 2011 promises to be another twelve months full of exciting revelations, unexpected announcements and surprise appearances. When it comes to the titles we already know about, we've picked five that should definitely be on your radar.


The final part in a series that needs no introduction to many of you, BIT.TRIP FLUX is set to turn the much-loved adventures of Commander Video on its head. With elements of previous entries in the series all getting a neat spin, this is probably the most anticipated WiiWare game of 2011, and we'll have a full preview for you very soon.

Conduit 2

High Voltage's first The Conduit may have disappointed some – an almost inevitable side effect of the amount of hype it received – but the studio is determined to make amends with follow-up Conduit 2. Promising patches to address the kinds of issues that plagued the first release, support for the PDP Headbanger headset and downloadable content post-release, we'll find out if High Voltage and Sega have delivered on their potential in February.

The entire 3DS library

There was no way we could pick just one game for Nintendo's shiny new 3D-with-no-glasses handheld, so we've just lumped in the whole line-up. From Asphalt 3D to Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, it's set to be a varied year for the machine, with titles from every major publisher lined-up.