Mario gets the party started!

It's the week before Christmas and plenty is stirring in the Wii Shop Channel, with everything from Virtual Console party games to WiiWare games about killer robots with afros. DSiWare doesn't do without though, with more Christmas carols, dragon's lairs and more.

Virtual Console

Mario Party 2 (Nintendo 64, 1000pts) – A classic multiplayer outing from the plumber's 64-bit days, Mario Party 2 offers a familiar combination of themed boards, chaotic minigames and last-gasp turnarounds where unlucky players rack up plenty of stars to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. We'll have a full review available later this week.


Frobot (Fugazo, 1000pts) – The coolest killer robot in the galaxy arrives on WiiWare after a long wait indeed. A mixture of top-down shooter and puzzle result in a unique combination that's got buckets of style. We've spent a long time in Frobot's company so our review will be ready to hit the dance floor later today.