Legendary creator muses possible port

Yu Suzuki is a legend in the gaming world. During his time at Sega he produced classic after classic: OutRun, AfterBurner, Super Hang-On, Virtua Fighter, Shenmue and countless other titles. Some years ago his Digital Rex studio set about producing Psy-Phi, an entirely new kind of fighting game with touchscreen controls, but it was recalled from arcades before release and has never seen the light of day. Speaking to 1up, Suzuki-san revealed a simplified Kinect version could be possible:

The advantage would be it wouldn't hurt your finger. [Laughs] I think it would be good to make it for Kinect. Yeah, maybe I'll make that my next project, although, I should probably make the game a little simpler for the Kinect audience.

The prospect of Suzuki-san bringing one of his unseen titles to Kinect is a tantalising thought, and one we certainly hope to see in future, though of course we'd really love to see a Kinect-controlled Shenmue 3.