Water, fire and much, much more

Never let it be said that the Nintendo Download lacks variety. On the same day that Nintendo launches new water-based puzzle game Fluidity, Korner Entertainment conquers completely the opposite end of the scale with virtual fireplace simulator Fireplacing. DSiWare is equally varied, with portable music studio Rytmik: Rock Edition rubbing shoulders with Oriental tower defence game Dairojo! Samurai Defenders. Virtual Console even gets a double whammy, with a classic 8-way shooter landing alongside a side-scrolling platform shooter about a legendary Monkey King. There's a little something for everyone today.


Fluidity (Nintendo, 1200pts) – Known as Hydroventure in Europe, this is a new physics-based puzzle platformer from Nintendo that sees you take control of a mass of water, able to change states into ice and steam in order to traverse the tricky stages. Our review will be available later this week.