Demos, penguins, portable Tetris and VC

Getting in there early to beat the cold weather, here's this week's Nintendo Download complete with list of downloadable demos at long last.


Snowpack Park (Nintendo, 800pts) – Befriend penguins in this left-field release from Nintendo. A cross between the pet and adventure genres, Snowpack Park sees you exploring a range of islands in order to rescue and take care of penguins, enjoying all the fun of dressing up the little birds too. This one could go either way, so we'll see if it gets a frosty reception from our reviewer this week.

WiiWare Demos

And Yet It Moves (Broken Rules) – A twisty take on the puzzle genre, this is one of WiiWare's most celebrated releases and well worth playing for free. If you like what you see here, the full game is well worth picking up, as our And Yet It Moves review testifies.