Capcom's boss David Reeves recently spoke about an evolved Move for PlayStation 4, which got us thinking: what improvements would you like to see in the Move? Here's a few ideas off the top of our glowing blue heads.

Improved PlayStation Eye

The Move itself may be a nifty piece of kit, but the PlayStation Eye camera often can't do justice to the augmented reality games available: play EyePet: Move Edition in soft lighting and you'll see what we mean. Grainy, low resolution images – the camera can only muster 640 x 480 at top whack – and poor light detection should see the Eye upgraded before Move.

Rumble and Motion-Sensing in Navigation

The Navigation sub-controller is comfortable and all, but it lacks vibration feedback and motion-sensing capabilities, the former having been featured in every pad (barring SIXAXIS) since the late 1990s. As for motion control, although it could mean a glowing ball stuck on top of the Navigation's slim frame, it could even be a simple accelerometer for detecting small movements: throwing grenades in Killzone 3 for example.

What are your thoughts?

Whilst these two sit prettily at the top of our most-wanted list for Move, we're sure you can think of plenty more improvements for the future of Sony's motion controller. Let us know in the comments! Registration only takes a minute and will let you join in the discussion on every PlayStation Move game, PlayStation Move reviews and of course our forums!