Tech was just too costly

We know that Move has been in development since the days of PS2, so some gamers have naturally posed the question "why wasn't it available sooner?" President of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has heard these questions, and he wants you to hear the answer.

We couldn't have made Move when we launched PS3. We needed the time to be able to create the performance of Move with the target price that we started out with.

Considering the Move contains all kinds of technical wizardry it's no surprise it was too costly to put into production three years ago. Yoshida also spoke about Sony's desire to prove Move's worth to gamers, both core and casual, with a range of innovative first-party titles.

We completely understand it’s our job as a first party to make games exclusive to Move and show examples of things that the system allows you to do. This is a completely new input mechanism for games, so we are experimenting a lot.

We can't wait to see what results these experiments bring.