Game to use as-yet unannounced 3DS features

A portable, fully-equipped, 3D-enabled conversion of Super Street Fighter IV sounded too good to be true just six months ago, but here we are in the knowledge that Capcom is bringing Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition to the 3DS with all 35 characters intact. Will it be adding more to the mix? Producer Yoshinori Ono is reluctant to confirm or deny.

RevoGamers: Will the 3DS version have any new content, like new characters or costumes?
Ono: I really want to tell you, but I can't (Laughs) You'll probably have to wait.

This interview was conducted on August 18th and Ono went on to say gamers would have to wait a month and a half for more information, which brings us neatly to the end of September, pointing to September 29th as the date we'll discover more than just the 3DS's release date and pricing.