Anticipated games arrive and the Virtual Console returns!

With Rytmik, And Yet It Moves and Ufouria: The Saga all in one day, this week's download fares better than previous outings. The debut of the G.G Series, a classic puzzle game and farming on the go round out this week's line-up.


And Yet It Moves (1000pts, Broken Rules) – This paper-based puzzle platformer is certainly one of the quirkier games to reached WiiWare, and that's saying something. Based on rotating the game world to succeed, it's got an aesthetic style all its own and gameplay we enjoyed in our And Yet It Moves First Impressions from earlier this year. We'll have a full review soon.


Rytmik (800pts, Cinemax Games) – This powerful pocket studio has been out in Europe for some time, and now North American musicians can lay down their own beats wherever they are. You can read our Rytmik review to find out why this is the DSi's top music package.