I’ve been running the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers for over three and a half years now: here’s the first Carnival for those of you curious to see how it started. It features the inaugural Jordan Bieber Award for Most Articles Submitted and a photo from Spartacus, so that’s something worth clicking for.

Sadly, I haven’t had the time to give the Carnival proper attention in the past year or so: I’ve been writing more and more for Nintendo Life as it continues to grow and devour the world of independent Nintendo reporting, but I don’t want the Carnival to die, so it’s moving hands.

Eclipse from the excellent Gaming My Way has stepped in to give the Carnival a good home, and I wanted to say a public thank you to him for taking it on permanently. I’m sure it’ll be a huge success under his guidance and I wish him all the best.

Thanks to all my regular contributors to the Carnival over the years – Jordan Bieber, Alvaro Fernandez, David Herbert, jigsaw hc, old-wizard, Eric Gargiulo, Apocalypso, Eclipse (of course!) and everyone else who sent in articles, hosted the Carnival and helped out in any way. You have my gratitude.

I’m listening to No Use Crying by Embrace, from This New Day [UK]