Looking back over our wedding day photos, it’s hard to believe it was nearly a year ago that all the fuss was made over Hannah and myself.

Lots of people travelled a combined distance of hundreds of miles to be there; guests took time off work, left children with carers and everybody did what was necessary to join us there on that one day.

0029_EIMG_5297I look at the photos now and I find it astonishing, really: a true one-off occasion, with friends and family all present to show how much they cared for us. It’s humbling and heartwarming at the same time: it’s a wedding cliché to say that everybody’s presence mattered, but it genuinely did. Old friends, loved family members, energetic children: every person there made a huge contribution to the day.

Hannah is in Berlin this week, a place that is arguably more “our city” than anywhere we’ve ever lived. The zoo, the parks and the streets belong to us, and not having her around is naturally getting me down. To know she’s there, revisiting some of our favourite places from our honeymoon, is enough to bring a smile to my face, though.

I remind myself every day how lucky I am to have found Hannah: we’ve been together for nearly ten years now, and I look back and laugh at the 17-year old boy I was when we first met. But I still see a lot of him in myself and Hannah is still recognisably the girl she was all those years ago: passionate, forthright, beautiful and unique.

Of all the billions of people in the world, all it took was a short message to introduce the two of us. I don’t really believe in fortune or luck, but I truly feel we’ve beaten the odds. I miss her now, but when she’s back I couldn’t be happier.