Free title a reward for you, DSiWare lovers

If you haven't grabbed the rather excellent Photo Dojo for your US DSi yet, you may be inadvertently spurning Nintendo's affections. Bill Trinen, a long-time translator who's worked on some of the company's biggest titles, says the game's free first month is a way to give back to supporters of the download format.

You want to reward your biggest fans, the ones who go to the DSi Shop regularly or check out what's coming out regularly. They're rewarded with free products like this. Obviously we want a lot of people to play the game and show it to their friends and spread word of mouth.

With the game's free period ending in just a few days there's still time left to grab this addictive little fighter whilst it's completely gratis, though even at 200 Points it's a worthy purchase. Check out our review if you're unsure whether you want to accept Nintendo's heartfelt gift or not.