Welcome to the May 2009 edition of the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers! It’s a smaller, slimmer version of the Carnival this month, but there’s still some awesome articles.

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Apocalypso presents The Wish Granter: A Medieval First Person Shooter…or is that Archer? posted at Apocalypso’s Atomic Arcade.

Apocalypso presents Apocalypso’s Atomic Arcade: Commander Shephard Dies in Mass Effect 2 posted at Apocalypso’s Atomic Arcade.

Brent Fisher presents Snowball Fight! posted at Late Nights Coding, Manic Euphoria Setting In.

Jason Fieldhouse presents 4 Reasons Why I Will Never Forget Alex the Kid posted at frieeend!.

Maria presents Tips to Taking Care Your Xbox 360 posted at Xbox Information and Tips.

Matt Curt presents NCAA Football 10 News posted at NCAA Football 10 News.

Jenny presents …the Noble posted at the so called me.

presents Making Your First Game Level posted at HyperSushi on Unreal, saying, “Tutorials on using Unreal Editor3”

Chris presents Inside Deadliest Warrior’s Combat Simulator posted at Martial Development, saying, “Spike TV’s hit show “Deadliest Warrior” promises to identify the world’s toughtest fighters, using an advanced computer simulation. This investigation shows that they hacked a video game instead!”

Matt Curt presents Player Ratings for NCAA Football 10 (Predictions) posted at NCAA Football 10 News.

Angel presents Blog Carnival – Submit an Article to a Carnival posted at Blog Carnival listings.

Angel presents Fallen Sword Web Based RPG Guide posted at Burn a Brain.

Kevin Fleming presents World of Warcraft Credit Card Review posted at CreditShout.

old-wizard presents Top 10 Ways to Tell if a Game is ?Hardcore? posted at old-wizard.com.

Matt Curt presents Toughest Places To Play in NCAA 10 posted at NCAA Football 10 News.

washedupgamer presents Wild West MMO… Oregon Trail on roids? posted at washedupgamer.com, saying, “Comments on what I’d like to see in the next generation of MMOs.”

Timothy Yordy presents Bargain Bin Video Game Fun posted at Timothy Yordy, saying, “This article takes a look at 15 of the best Xbox games that can be purchased for a combined total of less than $50.”

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