Roll your Super Monkey Ball through a maze to the goal gate, collecting bananas. Odd, but wonderfully simple. The arcade levels are tantalising platforms for precision movement, with the slightest of errors summoning the foulest of curses from players as AiAi dies for the fortieth time. The guitar stage on the original game still gives me nightmares. 

Monkey ball 1Far, far better than the one player mode though are the party and minigame modes – Target, Race, Golf, Billiards and Bowling are all good, but my favourite is the sheer chaos of Monkey Fight, where four grumpy gorillas with boxing gloves scramble for power-ups including the all-conquering Vortex Punch. Not many people like playing me at this, which probably explains why I’m so fond of it. It’s a shame the multiplayer games on Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz aren’t quite as good, as in their original form they make Super Monkey Ball easily as much fun as any game on the list.