A real “Ronseal” game – you get exactly what it says on the box. The joy is in customising your cyborgs with everyone from circular saws to flamethrowers, mainly salvaged from the robots you crush along the way.

cyborgjustice_001It’s not only weapons that mark out your killer robot from the others – different bodies have varying defence ratings, and a range of legs lets you do everything from turn into a tank to somersault your way to victory. The control scheme is crying out for a six-button pad when they were still on their way to becoming accepted, but the game makes good use of its ABC limitations to give you an array of attacks with which to mash some robot heads. 

Cyborg Justice may not be exactly the most cerebral of games, but tearing cybernetic limbs from enemies is undeniably one of the most satisfying moments from scrolling beat ‘em up history.