Pretty much a James Bond lightgun game but without the licence, Confidential Mission is as slick and enjoyable as any game of the genre, with plenty of charm and action to satisfy anybody. It also featured one of my favourite fliers, which you can see in full by clicking the photo below – I wanted to apply, but I don’t like Martinis.

confidentm1Confidential Mission will be familiar to anyone who’s ever picked up a Virtua Gun – rings that surround enemies change from green to red as the danger increases, and there’s plenty of background interaction, my favourite being knocking the skulls off monkey skeletons in the game’s first level.

With a greater use of gadgets than its Virtua brethren, Confidential Mission presents missions like using sticky bullets to block gas vents, or shooting a zip wire across a huge gap. It’s all daft stuff but perfectly captures that ironic air Bond films possessed at the time, and with a friend is the most fun you can have shooting fat foreign baddies.