Yes, today marks the ninth birthday of the Dreamcast (going off its American release date of 9-9-99). I love my Dreamcast very dearly and I can’t imagine how I ever lived without it.Photo-0028

Some things that happen in life are simply unfair, and the demise of the Dreamcast falls squarely into that category. There’s been so many millions of Dreamcast postmortems, but this isn’t a post about why it’s failed, it’s about celebrating its arrival in the first place!

Dreamcast brought us the first Internet play on consoles, an extremely forward-thinking memory card (PS3 and PSP are only just doing some of the things Sega started almost ten years ago!) and countless iconic games – Skies of Arcadia! Shenmue! Jet Set Radio! Space Channel 5!

Happy birthday Dreamcast! I love you more than even your super-powerful processors can comprehend.