Well, it’s good to be back! After a far, far too long absence the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers has finally returned, ready to share with you all the amazing articles written by the top game bloggers of the world. Rejoice!

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For now, let’s get stuck in with the Carnival!

David Herbert presents Games-News-Trainer Mechanic Will Appear In Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 posted at pariahs-guild.com. (For David’s other articles, click here).

Aury Glenz presents This Game Sucks: GTA IV Edition posted at Trash Flavored Trash.

Jaklar presents Age of Conan Launch Impressions – Good News, Bad News posted at InfoAddict.

96well presents [game] Mechanical turk for Science posted at Reportergene.

Redskyy presents Guitar Hero Increases the PR Pressure posted at media spec.

Harrison presents Top 10 Video Games of All Time posted at Watsonreview’s Weblog, saying, “Some of these games on this list might just surprise you”

Danogo presents Play Games For Cash And Make Money posted at Danogo.com – Discover. Inspiring . Media, saying, “Why play regular online games when you can play them and make money too”

old-wizard presents Top 5 Girls From Nintendo posted at Old-Wizard.com.

old-wizard presents Ask DestructoMaximo: May 29th, 2008 posted at Old-Wizard.com.

Heather Johnson presents Guest Post: Health Researchers Obtain Grants for Video Game Study posted at Patient Centric Healthcare.

Anthony De Franco presents The 3rd String Safety: Nearly Perfect: A Review of Devil May Cry 4… posted at The 3rd String Safety, saying, “We are a blog focused on the interests of young men, including sports, MMA, television, and of course Video Games. We cover the hype and releases of many games in addition to reviews of any games we play.”

Aonxe presents Warhammer Online Guild System Heads Up posted at Aonxe, saying, “An interesting, in-depth article about the new game Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and how their new revolutionary “living guild” system works.”

Fiona King presents Virtual Learning: 25 Best Sims and Games For the Classroom posted at College@Home.

JakeT presents Episode 1 “Roll it Gal” posted at Jak in the Box. Sims 2 machinima.

Meg presents Simpson’s Paradox » Blog Archive » Priorities posted at Simpson’s Paradox. World of Warcraft related.

Matthew Boyd presents Sailing away with “Harpooned.” posted at Kwanzoo, saying, “Harpooned – A fine example of video games as rhetoric.”

Eclipse presents The Purpose of Video Game Reviews posted at Gaming My Way.

old-wizard presents Classic Console Review: Super Nintendo posted at Old-Wizard.com.

Michael. presents Halo 3: Microsoft Xbox 360 Combat Re-Evolved posted at Review Hookup.

old-wizard presents Top 5 Hardest Video Game Castles posted at Old-Wizard.com.

Mark presents Are DVD’s Big Enough for Xbox 360 Games? posted at Second Story Gamer.

Christopher Swenson presents PS3 Streaming Video: Mediatomb posted at High Def Delight, saying, “A PS3 streaming video tutorial.”

Jenny presents Gaming Addiction | The Inner Shopper posted at The Inner Shopper.

Solid-RKO-AVV presents METAL GEAR SOLID 4: Method to the Madness posted at Today’s Shenanigans, saying, “Commentary on METAL GEAR SOLID 4 and the sub-text of Hideo Kojima. A metaphor as a direct commentary to games such as HALO’s new popularity within the videogame industry, or GEARS OF WAR, or KILLZONE, or the numerous others that base themselves on war violence that have been saturating the market.”

Alvaro Fernandez presents Brain Age, Posit Science, and Brain Training Topics posted at SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution, saying, “In summary, the great news is that there are more tools available than ever before to assess and train a variety of cognitive skills. The bad news (is this really news?) is that we shouldn’t be expecting magic pills and that “brain age” is a fiction.”

Jenny presents Lego Indiana Jones posted at The Inner Shopper.

M Pratt presents Nintendo wii Zelda | Nintendo wii Game Console posted at Nintendo wii Game ConsoleNintendo Wii – Massively Popular, saying, “wii rocks”

Francis Lui presents How to Increase Your Motivation Even After Your Game Fails posted at Relaxing Entertainment Blog.

Matthew Boyd presents State loses court case to the ESA. Again. Has to use taxpayer money for legal fees. Again. posted at Kwanzoo.

SomeAudioGuy presents The Best of the WORST videogame voice acting. CHOAS WARS! posted at The Ramblings of Some Audio Guy, saying, “I’m sure you’ve seen the chaos wars video, but couldn’t see it in any recent carnivals. Worst voice acting EVAR!”

Sagar Satapathy presents 50 Ways to Use the Wii In Your Library | OEDb posted at OEDb: Online Education Database.

old-wizard presents Top 10 Reasons That Super Nintendo Dominated the Sega Genesis posted at Old-Wizard.com.

old-wizard presents Top 5 Video Game Makers posted at Old-Wizard.com.

old-wizard presents The Top 10 Arcade Games posted at Old-Wizard.com.

Fiona King presents 100+ Sites for Playing Free Video Games Online posted at Internet Service Deals.

Sean Fear presents I Am Handheld: Episode I: Attack of the Famiclones posted at I Am Handheld.

Eclipse presents The Use of Mini-Games posted at Gaming My Way.

Eclipse presents Buying Video Games New or Used posted at Gaming My Way.

Nahiyan Malik presents PlayStation Direct: PS3 VS XBOX 360: Exclusive Games for 2008 posted at PlayStation Direct, saying, “The reign of the Xbox is almost over. As of late the PS3 has been looking better and better. Looks like 2008 will be the year of the PlayStation. PlayStation 3 has many big name titles coming out this year and if the all games from the list are all actually released this year, all we can say is WOW.”

Scott Davis presents How I would have proposed if I was smart…. | ZombieChatter.com posted at ZombieChatter.com. Bejeweled.

Jordan Bieber presents New Free Game: WordBomb – George W. Bush Edition posted at Jack Games, saying, “Free game featuring the wit and wisdom of George W. Bush.”

Bil Smith presents August 3rd, 2008 – Synapsis posted at Bil’s Game-A-Day Blog, saying, “Bil’s Game-A-Day Blog is here to deliver a game review each and every day, with a link to the game. All games are free to play, all sites recommended are free to join. I love casual gaming, so to help people get involved with my hobby, I filter out the best of the best to lure them in.”

Ayman presents E3 posted at Tech Talk, saying, “Just a gaming blog”

Shawn Arnold presents Vice City Game Cheats posted at The Thrifty Reviewer, saying, “Vice City Game Cheats”

Shawn Arnold presents Grand Theft Auto 3 Cheats posted at The Thrifty Reviewer, saying, “Grand Theft Auto 3 Cheats”

Charlie presents State of the Industry posted at Charlie’s Blog, saying, “The current state of the video game industry as it stands.”

Brent Bond presents The XBox Ring Of Death – What Does It Mean? posted at XBox Ring Of Death Blog.

Jigsaw hc presents Giveaway: 1600 Marketplace Points for 1600 Ratings posted at XBLA Ratings.

Don Salva presents Warhammer Online to be released?trimmed! posted at Don Salva’s Blog.

Meg presents Simpson’s Paradox » Blog Archive » WarCraft and Weddings posted at Simpson’s Paradox.

Meg presents Wizard 101 posted at Simpson’s Paradox.

I apologise for the rather lazy presentation of this month’s Carnival, but returning to 194 entries is quite a daunting prospect! I promise next month’s Carnival will be back to the usual shining style you’ve come to expect from the Carnival of Video Game Bloggers! Don’t forget to make your submissions here, and check back on the 22nd of September for all the goodness!

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