I did consider recording a special edition podcast about my experiences working the PlayStation 3 launch, but when a radio professional came down to conduct some interviews for BBC Radio York I thought I’d better let him do his job.

I’ve uploaded the segment so you can all have a listen to my contribution to the piece. Most of my comments were edited out, such as remarking how “midnight launches lend a social element to gaming that’s still sadly missing”. Personally I think my comments were a little more relevant than the clips used, my favourite being the pretty drunk guy who proclaims “I’m gonna be the top of the Internet gaming!”. If you listen out you can also hear my boss asking “what games did you want with that?”.

It was a piece for the breakfast show, so obviously it wasn’t all that in-depth, but I was a little disappointed that the angle of the piece was focused on two things:

  • The weather;
  • The price.

Granted it wasn’t exactly tropical outside, and £425 is a lot of money, but the overall impression I got was somewhat typical of most media’s portrayal of gaming and its community: bemusement. I edited out the breakfast presenter’s comments, as he bafflingly compares the PS3 to the equipment on Star Trek and moans about the price; pretty useless stuff.

The heart of the story should have been this: why were these people all so eager to get their hands on it? Why come out at midnight? What’s the most exciting thing about the PS3? Yes, the price is a factor and deserves mention, but it’s not the crux of the story, although perhaps to non-gamers it just makes these people seem strange, alien almost; if they can’t understand it, it’s just weird.

As always when dealing with mainstream media’s treatment of games, a little more research and understanding would have resulted in a better piece. Still, I am probably overanalysing this ever-so-slightly; it was just a segment for the local radio’s breakfast news.

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